nothing but night

Silence broken
Still waters uneasily ripple
As screams across the mountainside
Echo upon my soul-
These ears! So attuned to nothing
Bleed in despair
All is lost! She whispered
All is lost! As song birds silently
Smoke upon the grounding of her breast…
Nothing left, darkness swallows
Insatiable night, red stars twinkle now
Within this heart
As anger takes control
And sadness licks his lips in delight
And shame hides within the dusty corners
And guilt lies drunken and swollen
Oh dark night, leave this heart to suffer
Upon the doorstep of fear…
There’s nothing left of light
There’s nothing left of light

2 thoughts on “nothing but night

  1. Who ever he is. Do not let him steal another minute of your life. You are love. You are beauty. You are talent. You are worthy. Allow yourself space in your heart for forgiveness for you and also for the brokenness that he must be to do something so hurtful to another soul. You forgive him for you. So you can heal. It will help you love yourself unconditionally. From my heart to yours. V. #letslearntoloveourselvessothatwecanloveoneanotherbetter #LOVEANDLIGHTUNITE


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