Author: Erin Touponse

reiki master/teacher, poet, spiritualist, child of the stars

Deep fire 🔥

she is a fire that lies within
without decency
she simply burns
she consumes and is consumed
this conflagration urges
it runs hot through blood
this longing, yearning
to touch and be touched
to fall into the flames
to be devoured by them
stepping onto the ledge
peering into the abyss of fire
she longs to propel the body
from common ground
to be cleansed by these urgent flames
to be renewed by them

Empty chair

It was just an empty chair
Sitting there
I was yelling at the space it held
“You never loved me!”

Any number of men
Could have been sitting there
But it was empty
And I was just trapped by time
Screaming obscenities
To air

ancient memory

I lost myself yesterday
I was dreaming by the ocean
I was hiding in the jetty
My heart, a kite in the wind

The call of my soul rings high now
howling now like a lonely wolf
she remembers by the moon
her one and only
decorated in flowers of clouds

feet have an energy
roots run deeply from sole to earth
linking child and mother
sharing ancient memory
my heart remembers her home

Alone, not lonely, I wait
for Rumi’s beloved to return
this merging of heaven and earth
of which I am but a sliver
This home is within me

Echoes of eternity

Hidden within
The light guides me
I am more than this body
I am energy itself
Flowing and turning and spinning
My heart opens like a wild animal
To the path that lies before me
The universe is my protector
I ride the waves of eternity
Paths crossing paths
Levels upon levels of nothingness
And all within myself
I invert my soul to hear
The messages of the hermit within me
Beckoning beckoning beckoning me
The magician lies within this mind
Covered in darkness I see
All is …I am
Fear runs from my spell
For the light protects me
What lies beneath this darkness
Of the human condition
Spinning spinning spinning
I cannot tell
I am life itself
Echoing into eternity

Angel’s breath and reverie

Anger sits like metal in my throat
Afraid to lash out
I reside somewhere deep inside
Not looking to cause waves-
My heart sinks below
Until only a faint beat can be recognized
Hanging low
I’ve been here before
Lining the darkness with kisses
Holding out these hands
Waiting for someone “cured”
To save me
Hate pouring through this blackness
Surging like blood within vein
Sucking at my own misery-like a
Wilting vampire
Deep within the well of longing
I pull energy up from deep within

I will not drink from this bucketful
Of darkness
Rather my hands will face what comes up
With compassions golden light
Until what made me sick
Transmutes like magic to clean
Covered in the heart of the divine
Lost to the clearing energy of love

Anger does not win
She does not own my land
Or farm my fields
Fear flies overhead without resolve
Searching for entry
And I sit prettily beneath the rose tree
Scented by Angel’s breath
And reverie



Strings that lead to some end
I cannot see- but feel deeply
Within my heart
Pull on my soul-
I follow the thread back through time
Waiting to see the one I would
Long to touch once more,
To hold in my arms…
All others, Beloved, are but whispers,
And yet the howls from deep within me
Lie floating in the shadows,
Leaves in the Autumn air,
Desolate, my feet march on
Faithfully holding remembrances
Of Spring’s budding love


Lost in a maze of wanderings
And longings
Wondering what if
Seeing into the vastness
Still wounded and lingering
My heart yearns for that which
Lies beyond the veil
So quiet
Quiet now I step softly remembering
I am here and not there

I must just accept and let go
For the waters of eternal life
Will bring my yearnings back
When light and shadow merge
And my desperate heart is devoured
Within the fire of the One


Vessel filled with light
Illuminate the dark void

-So profound is this midnight
Wisdom hangs upon every breath
Pregnant with NOW’s deep-

Lost beneath the twilight
These eyes will not see
Without love’s golden breath

Within me- the fire kindles
And withdraws-

Illuminating my own darkness
Suffering eternal and connected-
Your breath and mine-
One vibrant chord

Release from the muck
And rise
From within- the ancient songs
Are singing-
Devastation now destroyed

I am not afraid

I am not afraid
I stand before this moment
Feeling the weight of it, the wave of it
Missing what I can no longer see
But rather sense lies beyond the boundaries
Of this heart
I am not afraid
Of walking with open eyes
Of feeling at great amplitude
For the fire that burns within the heart of the Mother
Burns within my own
Each breath, luminous and sacred
I am the wave, my body pounding upon the sandy coast
I am the stones churning, polished and smooth
The darkness within my heart has released like a new moon tide
Bare and beautifully prostrate
This heart enters the healing temple
To begin again
I am not afraid

Death becomes

The space is constructive
And the air is tight to breathe
My heart labors
As my vision begins to fade
Change is the precipitous
Of all that emerges from the dark
Squeezing from tight places
Death becomes a friend
I welcome release
Oh Pluto! Your eyes are upon me
And I fall beneath your grasps
Descending into darkness
Only to begin again