The sitting was so natural
Me and the stars & darkness-
Like two friends,
Whispering in the summer evening air,
Secrets spilled from starry lips
As we sat, upon the curb,
So quietly, so intimately….
You showed me the truth of time
And I smiled, inside a flutter,
My chest beating and full of fear-
Just over and behind
Lay a countenance I remember
As time surrendered
To the salty air-
Remain for me, I’ve no one else
To guide me…
As I merge over and over…
And finally surrender…
Save no pity for me

awakening divinity

Lashing wind bends the trees
Stretching them, awakening them
From their long winter rest
I can hear the waves and gusts
Against my window
As the sun peers from behind
Clouds of dawn and energy
There’s no warmth to be had today
As air collides and returns
So chaotically, so without measure-
Letting go I release my heart to the chaos
To the whipping, lashing, beating strength
And power that lies in this spring cleaning
Old detritus, flying with the birds,
Leaves and sticks and branches
All dancing in this symphony of air
In this chaos…. and knocking knocking
Knocking on my window is the rebirth
Of a season, of me… slowly I awaken
Like the trees, deeply rooted and deeply
Ready to birth a new me, new leaves,
Oh! Buds of hope lie just below my branches
As I allow the wind to conquer me,
awakening divinity


The rising of the sun
Washes away echoes
Of dreams that linger
On the edges of my mind
Waiting, a distant tune just humming,
Beats slow against the back
Of my eyes….
I’m floating in darkness: a void,
A dream, a forgotten smile-
There’s nothing left now,
While I awake to the light of day-
To the dawn, to morning-
Where are the song birds?
The heat, still blasting through the house,
Mutes a melody of renewal that I
Remember yet, yet long to hear….
My heart beats, yearning for spring
For suns return from this long night
Quietly, quietly creeping-
My smile greets the sky


Hope springs up as a hardy tulip,
Colors of red and yellow and purple,
My vision is lousy with them-
My nose, filled with the scent of hope-
With the vibrations of new life;
And then, sinking low into the brown
Cold earth, down deep into the darkness,
My voice yet grows,
Flowing through the birth and rebirth
Of eternal hope, forever damned
To smell the freshness of what might be,
Lingering upon the soft edges of beauty,
Until the season turn again
To cut down my perennial blooms of thought
And magic… browning their edges with
Summer’s hot sun…

Dreams; silent wisdom

Silent voices, singing ancient tunes-
Far back within the folds of
My memories; I wander within this dream
As a passenger, seeking, noticing, feeling
As the waves of wisdom wash over me
I heed the call from a thousand voices
To be! To simply sit within the quiet peace
Listening so softly to the needs of me
To the depth of my being
To the length of my heart, now beating
Within this moment, seeds are growing
Beneath me, within this beating heart
So green…
I linger here now, floating among the clouds
Of my dreams; to capture the melodies
That slowly drift by me


Green flesh pulsates beneath
This chest
My hands reach inside to cradle
A beating heart,
To energize the love that swings
Between ego and soul;
Balance learned so long ago…
Inside this heart bleeds truth,
And freedom from loss,
This beating, beating heart,
This massive flow….
I appreciate your kindness

This swell

Emotion’s swell took me under
Many lifetimes ago-
My body fighting, grasping,
Longing for breath
From the thick roiling waters
Into which I fell…
Ladders of light falling from
My heart, releasing whispers
Of things I’d already known;
Thru this light my eyes followed
Until my body arrived back in
This space and time,
Clinging to the calling of the
Water that drowned my soul-
I’m heading now up the mountain,
My head attached to the moment
As it flows