stained glass

holy stained glass
lines this heart with divine
images of nature;
diffusing light into color
and thought,
until the entirety of this soul
is glowing…
though unbroken, the heart’s
windows of red and green
linger bare for all to see,
a stones throw away from
take care with such beauty!
these ancient designs linger
delicately upon the edges
of memory
and once destroyed, will never
be made again


these words that fall
from your lips
land heavy at my feet…
concrete blocks of
your truth
that close me in
and prevent me from moving-
soon your feelings will
imprison me
within these walls
and I will cease to breathe

Perennials of Love

Heart’s thoughts echo
Through body and soul-
Truth, aligning all three…
This higher vibrational energy,
Forged in acceptance,
Sets free the self to grow-
Small gardens of happiness
Forging together one by one
Until all the world is filled with
Singing birds
And perennials of love..
Oh could this be a dream?
That each could find this flow?
May heaven’s heart open along
The river of enough so that
All may find the space between
Dawn’s wet dew and dusk’s
Soft glow

head and heart

Lost to the changing tides
This mind floats
Just above the din
Waiting, bobbing, watching
Believing that this one, might
Be the one,
The answer that, should it be caught,
Would solve all life’s silly riddles
How fickle a friend the heart makes
So taciturn and morose
It hides from truth and lets
The animals play
Leaving this suitor to find
Another way around
How does one vessel encompass
So different and powerful devices
Poised to change the very fabric
Upon which it walks
When they are sewn with opposing
Hands and differing thought?


I would give them what they needed so I could get what i needed in return
But it was never fully the truth,
The true me…
I was forever living inside
someone else’s box
Acting out their reality- the one they had for me…
The one they needed me to be….
And I would pretend-
And learn to appreciate the cage,
for the safety it provided…
Sometimes I would overcome me
and then I would get out…
they would get mad when I got loose,
they’d have to chase me back inside-
But I always went back
The box had become my home

Meaningless words

white noise fills the room;
this dull roar of nothingness
that occupies thought and sound…
oh dead wanderers, already gone,
asleep and lingering on the brink
of oblivion-
you suffer so at the hands
of those meaningless words
that feed your soul with
when will you let go? nature
is calling
and birds are singing, and rain is
and all that is good is ready
for your welcome hands
and open heart
do not let your spirit die
upon a cross of insignificance
when all you need to fuel
your soul
is already here


The opening of this heart
Was slow
As pain oozed
From the depths of
And secrets crept out
From the dusty
Corners of night…
Yet the strength of this
Heart was heroic
For in it’s acceptance
Came a bounty of light
And light gave wings-
Such wings to fly!
And though this heart
Remains grounded
It dreams of stars
And soars open sky