Category: Poetry


Anger comes to test me
To plague me with pleasure
She loves to feed on my pain
And then release it around me-
She especially loves
when she makes me taste it,
She lovingly spoon feeds me, until I
Throw up- and then ask for more
Oh anger! You whore of a lover
I can feel you circling me
Taunting me with open legs
To come and be bound by you
I leave not my throne for your filth
I will love for yet another day

Droplets fall

It’s a slow drip
This heart of mine
Slowly methodically drip drip drip
I hear it within me, leaking
This heart! A leaking ship!
My hands rush to catch the droplets
And pull back in disgust
A symphony of running, catching, wasting
Washing; echoes seeping, dripping
My mind a-flutter with madness
Tapping memories of pains long passed
Still this drip, cleanse the soul!
And yet I sit, waiting still
For the next droplet from my heart
to gently fall

Golden gods

golden gods, statue standing upon sky
what would you have done?
would you use my opening heart
for foolish play, as you have countless times before?
would you lay my body down, to do what you may
and then vanish again into night’s cold embrace?
golden gods, watching this play unfold
would you linger within me for a time
to taste my sweet endeavors?
you! who are lost upon the sands of a time
once so fresh and new
but now nothing but a ruin upon the mountain side-
and i, searching now for remnants of what
might have been would you have ascended
this heart beyond foolhardy deeds,
will simply decide to walk away
for your apathy wears not upon my soul


my heart sits by the door
waiting to be invited inside
she licks her wounds, pain and pleasure
swirling inside like a tyrant, a storm
this tempest that rages within the quiet
of her inner chambers
longingful darkness settles
as echoes whisper to her that she is lacking
that she is used up, that she is simple
he dipped his hand into her breast
his fingers moving, and dancing inside her
hate and pain, poisoning each beat and breath
confusioned mixture, an elixir of pleasure
tinging her outer limit with hate
i have watched this heart of mine for too long
suffering at the doorstep of my home
ive begged her to come inside
yet still she sits, waiting to be forgiven
for the pain she played as they groped innocence
from her giving fingers

Folds of time

Let loose your grip
And everything will fall into place
Rest resides within
Fear feeds upon the wicked
As raindrops fall upon anointed heads
It will all come crashing down
In a thunderous boom

Nowhere left to hide
We stand before truth
Uncovered and vulnerable
Naked of all but balance
Where does the dim light hide?
Deeds are not forsaken
But energy in the folds of time

Lost today

The world looks cloudy today
My eyes cannot see the ground
A blanket of grey fear covers the sun
And anger returns after a long absence-
Words and echoes fill my head
Until I cannot speak or think
The sounds of severe faces, screaming
Whip around; leaves caught in the wind-
I shine my light, small that it is
Into the void and storm
Searching for survivors, my guides
Fly beside me, wolf and hawk as feathers fall
Lost, I lament, all feels lost today