Category: Poetry

desirous sun

the dark stretch of night
spreads upon what was once
sun’s domain gives way to stronger
desires as he searches the sky
for his lost stars
allowing night to softly caress
what was once bright
as we wait for him to shine
and cease his fruitless crying

darkening days

as the days grow shorter
and darkness swallows
the warmth of summer sun
all that was flush and green
within this heart fades quietly
into a colorful oblivion
and the thoughts once pregnant
with new growth and understanding
linger now upon the precipice
of winter’s deep dive
waiting for fire’s soft flame
to give hue back to these flush
cheeks and patient soul
this body awaits the impending cold
with tolerance and mercy

a smile

silvers of hope slid into the
empty spaces so quietly
she hardly knew they were
there, yet one morning she
awoke to a different collection
of thoughts, some differing feeling
that was both uneasy and comforting
to touch…
these shards of lightness
illuminated the dusty corners of her
heart with a new kind of bright
what is this? she pondered as
her mouth curled unfamiliarly
upwards into what could only be characterized as a smile…


legs running, feet upon pavement,
pounding, thumping, throbbing,
excitedly moving to get away
from that which haunts silent
footsteps, darkened corners
shadows that linger-
following, falling, cackling
there’s no distance that can
divide the space between
no amount of escape
can split the horrors of the heart
from the worries of the mind
so the spirit runs, feverishly hoping
to find solace in the lingering nothing
that becomes the darkness
that we all must face

approaching winter

i will speak no more
of flowers and songbirds,
the youthful hue has fallen
and winter’s bane, cold to touch
metallic to taste, fills now
these thoughtful days…
scurrying squirrels know what
as this cold wind turns
and now as darkness approaches
i gird my soul for the oncoming cold
hoping this fire i’ve built will
sustain me


a dark shade of gray
hovers in the heavens
as clouds, heavy with rain,
dance with the blowing wind…
this moment of song,
blusters and spins-
each breath, a cold exhale,
leaving nothing of summer
but colorful memories that
linger now
as detritus upon the ground


the earth is moving
and all that was, will be no
and all that i am is melting
like snow upon the mountainside-
changing to be reborn this
finds solace in the ever loving
divinity of peace and acceptance
as the wind rustles the leaves
and the rain cleans the summer
soaked concrete
and all that was once brown and
weathered will fall away
to be replaced by green again