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The owl

The owl
Brown and dusty, glowing gold
Eyes closed
Feathers crown a face of glory
And repose
As you sit and wait for me
To dive within and snatch my prey
Nothing exists without, today,
And answers, once longing, now truth,
Scurry about, hiding from my wandering eyes-
Nothing remains hidden… nothing
For soon this light shall rise again


The red hot embrace
Of anger’s cruel arms
Intertwine past and present
Until fact and fiction are but a blur of crimson
chaotically swirling around this head…
Bleeding heart, dripping silence onto the floor,
Lingers so hopeful- like a beaten dog
Like a loveless child
Until all that’s left of my red disease
Is hate and hell
And damnation


wind carries old wounds
whipping around, enflamed…
worries spark like lightening,
dark clouds smell of shame,
guilt hangs heavy like thunder,
pain, but bound inside the rain…

I sit amidst this tempest
upon a glowing flower in bloom
spilling from my eyes are temples
within my palms, the moon…
dressed upon my chest, my heart,
cradled safety within my womb

upon a cross, i lay my form
in quiet solitude
unmoving, unflinching, all embracing
i dare to non conform
for at the interface of light and dark
my nothingness is born

mountain, solid

A cold breeze is blowing through the doorway to my heart.
Fires that were stirring have all gone out.
Numbly I sit and try to wait out the cold,
alone, not in control,
this universe is teaching me of patience through pain
and solidity- I am a mountain,
words that bind me to the depths of hell,
but where is the heaven to warm these hands and toes?
There’s nothing right now but suffering,
and though I try to fill the holes with love and gratitude,
this uncomfortable longing yet remains.
Must I squash it out?


Days after, you smiled at me-
After you told all your friends
How you’d bagged me;
You thought we’d still be friends…
And I smoked too much weed,
And let myself smile back;
Like a doll or a thing-
It was all so surreal, if I could just
Push down and pretend-
That you weren’t just ringing in my ear
Panic in my chest
Hate in my heart
Loathing on my breast
You thing! Who took from me that which was
Mine to give
You hateful thing smiling like you didn’t just take
And what of me? Of this sinking, blocking
Where did the screams go?


An old friend knocked at my door-
She was dressed in black,
A hood covered her face;
Long since hidden,
Long ago locked away,
Her unshackled banging
Upon my chest broke the silence;
She’s come back!
Covered in speckles of anger,
Pain painting her face,
This forgotten friend found me-
Tormented, yet unbroken, her smile
Liked of shame and ungentleness…
And what of the words I’d say?
Guilt, you always know where to find me,
Friend of many long years-
I wished you away….
Yet this nerve within me, exploded,
And you’ve spilled your vileness
Upon my doorstep yet again

nothing but night

Silence broken
Still waters uneasily ripple
As screams across the mountainside
Echo upon my soul-
These ears! So attuned to nothing
Bleed in despair
All is lost! She whispered
All is lost! As song birds silently
Smoke upon the grounding of her breast…
Nothing left, darkness swallows
Insatiable night, red stars twinkle now
Within this heart
As anger takes control
And sadness licks his lips in delight
And shame hides within the dusty corners
And guilt lies drunken and swollen
Oh dark night, leave this heart to suffer
Upon the doorstep of fear…
There’s nothing left of light
There’s nothing left of light