Tag: spirituality


unrest, wanderlust, disease
thoughts of fleeing, urges deep
my yearning to run from myself
sits heavily in the folds of my eyes
vision blurred, blurring yet more
each moment a longing filled with grief
what change can capture my mind
what can still this need
crying out inside
this pitiless desire grips me
so i can no longer breathe
yet, still, i sit and wait for what’s mine
to return and fill the void, quiet the need

The moment

I can no longer hold the waters
Of what was; as they flow down
My eyes, my breast, my legs
Memories sparkling in the droplets
Now settling at the place where
My feet once lay
The sun will dissolve my pain-
The earth, drinks now from the puddles
Of my past
Oh drunken day! You offer me nothing but
The moment now, this present in which
This poor heart remains

No more

Steady now, my feet touch the floor
Softly resting, my mind, calmer now
Ceases turning, and slows into the silence…
How long since I’ve been with you!
My beloved heart- still beating,
As old friends wait for me, inside this old
Door… alas! I have flown from the fire
And I am no more!
Do not look for me, or mourn my passing
I am stardust floating
And sun rays bursting
And songbirds singing
And cannot be touched anymore…

A darker foil

It’s been so long since I’ve been without
this knot in my throat and this dread in my mind…
Black, menacing, waiting,
Just sitting there reminding me that Anger is close by:
Feeling me, urging me closer to it,
so that I cannot speak or hear or cry….
This bloody clot that won’t move,
binding my voice with something
stronger than magic…

Suffocating! My heart yearns for the open air and the sun-
Within darkness my being has sunken,
and within Anger’s cage I dwell now-
Lost amidst fear, and confused joy;
Wandering in the darkness- blind and feverish,
My words act out without wisdom or thought,
but in defense of a darker foil….
I am the mistaken soul who sunk willingly
into Anger’s dreadful water-
And drowning now my heart cries for
breathe and air.


it’s raining again;
drops of feelings falling from the sky,
dripping dripping dripping into my mind-
uselessly my body hangs from bone,
too cold to take cover from this lashing,
it’s just acid cleansing; anger spills upon my soul
covered in the ache of the unknown,
as i watch all i knew, become gone
gone! it’s gone now and my heart hangs so heavily
upon what remains of my soul
you, i knew you once, you were what was
washed away by the rain that keeps falling
from my eyes, through this mind
I am nothing, if not remnants of what I was,
lingering, lingering, i watch change greet my heart
with cold


Drowning in the waves of my own mind
My body is pulled under over and over again
Unable to breathe, my lungs are full
Of these thoughts and spinnings-
Darkness fills my head as my eyes
Grow black with uncertainty and hope
Oh! Though I cling to these raging thoughts
they do nothing but bring me
Further under
Further down into my mind’s soft abyss
Lost to the undertow of my own making
I’m struggling to find the sun again
All is darkness and I am all


There is nothing my soul wants more
Than to find peace
Though peace, comes with a price-
Grand and precious
My heart is unfolding from the origami
Shape I had secured it into
And now flat out and bare
I can read the lines that were written
Upon it
Oh lack! You silly friend… you come to remind me
What I don’t have
While my blessings circle overhead
Singing sweet songs
Just look up! Why would you keep your eyes
Glued to a purpose no longer your own?
Oh Day! You challenge me to breathe into
These changes with grace and love
How I dislike your direction
How I would linger within the stillness
Of my own ignorance instead!
Yet my breath, still flows in and out
And I am but a walking beast
Attempting to fly