awakening divinity

Lashing wind bends the trees
Stretching them, awakening them
From their long winter rest
I can hear the waves and gusts
Against my window
As the sun peers from behind
Clouds of dawn and energy
There’s no warmth to be had today
As air collides and returns
So chaotically, so without measure-
Letting go I release my heart to the chaos
To the whipping, lashing, beating strength
And power that lies in this spring cleaning
Old detritus, flying with the birds,
Leaves and sticks and branches
All dancing in this symphony of air
In this chaos…. and knocking knocking
Knocking on my window is the rebirth
Of a season, of me… slowly I awaken
Like the trees, deeply rooted and deeply
Ready to birth a new me, new leaves,
Oh! Buds of hope lie just below my branches
As I allow the wind to conquer me,
awakening divinity

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