lost a friend

I lost another friend today
He was kind and funny
He was dark and morose
He was in love with our friend
For as long as I could tell

He fell into darkness..
I saw him when his collar bones
Stuck out so far from his neck
That they looked like skis
And his face bore the mark of death

I visited him by the beach
As he rid himself of the poison
That haunted his blood stream
And dreams.
I kissed him tenderly and cried

And tho I lost touch with him
He never left my heart
Or my memories
Of his laugh… or the goofy way he

Find our friend now and kiss her
As you always longed to do
For she’s been passed over
Maybe waiting for you
My friend.

empty nest

I held a baby robin in my
Hand yesterday
Trying to lift it back into its nest

It’s heart was beating, mouth open
So full of frailty and life;
I waited to see mom return

Twice more she fell out of her
Poorly constructed nest
and twice more I lifted her back

Yet when I awoke this morning
The nest was empty
And a little body lay upon the mulch

Sadness within that empty nest-
As I watch the robin mother
Lament her fallen child

And I think of those empty
And poorly constructed places within my heart
That cannot hold love

And I too grieve for the loss
That lies within me
For that is equally as sorrowful



the flow of tears from my eyes
hasn’t stopped since you
told me the date of our

I can not fathom that
all is lost now
and your arms will no longer
hold my fears

my heart is utterly lost;
sinking below the least of
places i have been
forging new uncharted pain

what is to become of a soul
so dark and hidden
that I cannot even
find it myself?

the only key

I feel rather foolish
For holding on this long
And with this much force

There’s only so much leeway
The universe provides
Before it sees fit to intervene

All those things we *wish* for
Are but turns in the wheel of fate
….and nothing is permanent

To be so insistent
On a thing succeeding
Only breeds disharmony

There is no understanding-
This nature of fate and exacting karma
Acceptance is the only key

giving thanks

I wake up everyday
To thoughts of fresh starts
And though some things
Weigh upon my mind
Today I will try to keep
my heart
And give thanks to the sun
And the air
And my breath
And to that which
I already have in this

goodbye love

It’s a game you play
With my heart
And it causes me great sadness
To the point that I am leaving
All this behind

I would rather spend a lifetime
Chasing dreams
Than another moment
Running after

You are simply too much
For my heart to endure

mirrors don’t lie

There’s nothing more to be gained
By holding on
What was once forming
Now, like smoke, drifts in the air

And I would remain here, too,
Inhaling your divine incense-
sustaining thought and feeling-
But, that I know your truth…

Mirrors are never good liars
And I see your reflection
In my own minds eye;
Your smile brings pain to my heart

My uneasy mind now let’s you go
With the understanding that your
Soft words and smooth flow
Find other ears to softly caress