dear longing

~dear longing~

whatever is responsible for this longing in my heart
please stand and speak your peace

…i can sit quietly no longer

you wrack my soul with empty demands
and lost memories, and echoes of laughter

…what is this unease that seeks to own me?

what is the ache that pulls me so clearly back
to where i dare not go?

…this longing is folly

and i will not open my eyes to a future lined with regretful bones of past

i stand, with my head inside the light, and push forward
from the futureless wastelands of darkness that plague my spirit

suffering and emptiness search for me, hungrily,
ready to devour me with despair

… and yet, i am compelled… to close the loop of pain i have opened, with love.

perhaps one day, as time fades the wounds of the heart,
I can sit with you, dear longing, and share a smile.

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