on the edge of things

This fire fills my heart with rage;
Such uncomfortable energy!
It’s lighting all the shadow
sides within me.

I watch the blaze as it Engulfs me;
My heart, raw with pain and deceit,
Settles into the fire with pleasure.
While she waits for the whys… and why nots

This anger is but more fuel
To sustain me while I heal
From the scissor cuts across my heart
Made by one who got in.

I sit in wonder… the innocence that
Draws me to my own nature
Is also that which is taken
By those who need too much

And I long for connection with those
Who could understand me
So I keep opening up
Only to close again

Such is the cycle of life
And loving is too great now
For me.. so will linger about
On the edge of things

And wait

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