silent birds

A black bird lay in my path
Stiff and empty
And all I can hear is the song
Of change ringing in my ear

A man with long nails
And a pinned black bird in his hat
Divined for me… yet more
crossing energies

Birds speak to me now
From spirit guides… making me see
That this darkened doorway
Is but a portal to a bigger me

Resonance of change binds
My heart and mind
In an unyielding
Spiral of noiseless singing

And these silent birds have come
To tell me to hold on just a little more-
For maturity of thought
Will find my heart before long

unknown destiny

my body, a vessel, floating
in the vast dark of the sea
and i wonder now
what will become of the broken
pieces of me

never in the darkness
have i dwelt so freely
and within that bleak freedom,
longing to find more
of me, I surrender
to the deep waves

with no breath left
inside my chest
i sink into the oblivion of my heart
to search out what it is
that ushers me
towards an unknown destiny

a warning

to those people who prey on pain
who languish within the hardship of others
just to escape their own dire existence
I pity you…

your gossip and snickering
might seem like a valid escape now
but make no mistake
karma never forgets

what we dole out, we receive
what we do upon another
we will have done to ourselves
if not now- soon…

there is nothing that goes around
that doesn’t come back
in some way, shape or form
so be warned…

too dark to shine for you

i am sorry for the pain behind your eyes;
hidden by the lines forged once by smiles…
i am sorry for the weight upon your chest;
a place i used to lay my head…
i am sorry for the push and pull of confusion
that has dragged you this way and that…

i am sorry that i cannot be
what you long for, what you need, what you deserve,

my failure is only outshined by my despair.
i just keep asking… how can i hurt one who has been so loving?

i am sorry my heart lies here broken
….by those who came before you…

they say that the gold that fills the cracks
of broken vases only makes them that
much more valuable…
would that I could be your gold,
and fill your broken places
with light…

alas, i am too dark to shine for you…

Field of light

I am full of pain and anguish now
For that which I held close
Is gone from me
And that which held me close
Is leaving

The push and pull finally over-
I am left in the middle of the fray;
Alone, with nothing to guide me back
But myself, on my own,
And who’s to say i cannot fill my own space?

Yet, still lingering, hovering, below my emotions
I wait for some sign to guide me past
All this business on love…
And into some field of light again
For I am lonely and quite sad

what is this?

What is this hold upon my heart
that keeps me tied upon this throne
of the past?
What creates within me this desire
to remain steadfast
even in the face of logic?
What is it about you, dear one,
that locks my feet in place
refusing to move away from you?
I long to know your secrets, and what
you could possibly have to bind me
so to your spirit…

I will linger here, but a while longer,
in hopes that all will be revealed
and clarity show me the way.

If not for this ringing in my ear and
the longing in my heart
I would not understand a thing