Guilt is a cavern into which my heart falls
time and time again, i am sucked into the void
of her energy
into her spinning darkness
falling, falling- to what seems like no end
i am lost to her poisonous embrace
her body covers me, binds me
until my life sits on the floor
of her throne
begging for mercy
locked inside her dungeon
my inner child cries
she claws at the cold stone
looking for a way out
for release from her mystical hold
like longing, i worship her
i avoid her,
i scream obscenities at her
yet, powerless over her wiles
i cower in fear and anger
launched at myself, through myself
and explode all around myself
bits of my heart, flying in all directions
i am nothing without her
she would have me believe this
save for my heart, who soothes me
as she comes back together again and again
to try to show me another way

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