Think before you react

Queen of Pentacles crossed by Four of Cups

If there is something not sitting right with you, perhaps you need to gain some space to see the bigger picture. Issues relating to a relationship may leave you feeling alone, unsatisfied or worried… now is the time to sit back and not act on your feelings. Instead, try to view the situation from another angle- look upon this issue with loving kindness instead of anger, hurt or jealousy. When you allow forgiveness and compassion to flow through you, things automatically become brighter. There are gifts within this pain- you need to find the balance to see them. If you are struggling with a relationship issue- instead of reacting, take time to sit back and sit quietly with the feelings- as clarity resides within- then once you are fully centered within, the way forward will be clear. Find compassion for yourself and others in your heart; knowing that everyone is trying their best on their journey… lay down the expectations knowing that you are all you need.

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