caught in-between the folds of
what is real and what is illusion,
with the weight of responsibly upon me,
my heart sits and refuses to beat
any longer…

conflictions…of fire and concrete…
line my face, my breast, my legs
i cannot move, or speak or feel
i cry out for release from the pain
and the longing of my soul

…to be free….

you, who are my light, my knight
my love- in my life
i fear what you bring to me
and what i could be with you
and i am lost to despair

for those who depend upon me
and those who feel they know me
and those who believe they love me
for those that need me
…I cannot bring pain

i cry out for release from this sorrow
and yet it grips my heart so
that i cannot breathe
life holds no color without you
life holds no meaning without heart

i am shattered, and lying bare on the
floor… without hope.. without light…
without the beating of my breast
and the golden love
inside me…

my heart is fallen to the floor
and i don’t even want it anymore….

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