on the vernal equinox

~on the vernal equinox~

daughter of Gaia, mistress of the mountain!
she washes her hair beside you
her golden tresses falling upon your breast
filling your heart with soft smelling fragrance

look for her, in despair and darkness
her green flowing dresses cover you
in peace and in love
embracing the pain from you

her arms, like flowing streams,
soothe your tired soul, quench your parched throat,
ease your weary body…

she is the sun that warms your heart
and the wind that calls your name
and the bird that gives you sight

look down from the heavens and see her beauty!
for it is yours to behold

all desire and destruction
fall within her
the ground shakes with her tears;
flowers open to her touch…

love her still… as she is yours
forever near, forever close, forever true

her heart does not waver
as a mountain is not moved…
as the stars line the sky….
her love is true

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