Angel’s breath and reverie

Anger sits like metal in my throat
Afraid to lash out
I reside somewhere deep inside
Not looking to cause waves-
My heart sinks below
Until only a faint beat can be recognized
Hanging low
I’ve been here before
Lining the darkness with kisses
Holding out these hands
Waiting for someone “cured”
To save me
Hate pouring through this blackness
Surging like blood within vein
Sucking at my own misery-like a
Wilting vampire
Deep within the well of longing
I pull energy up from deep within

I will not drink from this bucketful
Of darkness
Rather my hands will face what comes up
With compassions golden light
Until what made me sick
Transmutes like magic to clean
Covered in the heart of the divine
Lost to the clearing energy of love

Anger does not win
She does not own my land
Or farm my fields
Fear flies overhead without resolve
Searching for entry
And I sit prettily beneath the rose tree
Scented by Angel’s breath
And reverie


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