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The red hot embrace
Of anger’s cruel arms
Intertwine past and present
Until fact and fiction are but a blur of crimson
chaotically swirling around this head…
Bleeding heart, dripping silence onto the floor,
Lingers so hopeful- like a beaten dog
Like a loveless child
Until all that’s left of my red disease
Is hate and hell
And damnation

Folds of time

i follow the wings of a butterfly
into the moment-
this future, born from what’s passed,
like soft embers glowing that
only present eyes can grasp…
and this heart! reckoning a thousand lifetimes, sweetly beats into mine,
as memories fall upon my breast;
a thousand hellos, as many goodbyes
we lose not what we keep,
within the immortal folds of time

a message

this morning i saw
a message in the sky
written from beyond the folds of time-
and i knew it was you
for it was just two straight lines,
that didn’t touch,
but connected, in a message of love….
and i gave thanks and smiled
and drove away…
when timelines collapse
distance will fade

on meditation

this illusion: so fleeting, so impermanent;
nothing remains when the last breath is drawn-
emotions, false in their knowing, convince
us that there is no end to suffering,
there is no end to lack-
yet, little emotion, flies like the wind
across the valley of soul,
searching for life to feed into, and off of…
as questions arise and fall…

my soul wonders in ecstasy and agony;
and without the bane of either-
i dwell upon the snow driven plain
of this moment
listening to sounds of time roll past
whispering secrets of eternity


the door has closed and like
a period at sentence end,
marks a final resting place
for these thoughts…
you! the unnerved, unsettled
and oh so vulnerable heart,
i am letting you go…
this falling, falling, falling-
forged by my own longing-
and set loose upon my soul,
is no longer good enough,
i’ve heard the calling, it’s time to grow….
though i forgive, myself
and others for the pain
that’s plagued me so, it’s now time
to just listen,
to the ancient songs that have been singing
calling this old soul home

Darkling and alone

it’s a long cold, this impermanent winter,
who’s spell is cast about me like a
dark and soulless night…
my flame, yet a fire, slowly burns
as I descend into the quiet silence
to search out the places that long for light…
barren stretches of frost touched snow
glisten in the noiselessness
as my body, slowly dying, let’s
my mind let go….
though my voice may only glide
in muffled echoes
across the white stretched road,
my heart, as song birds singing,
lingers darkling and alone

than before

Remnants of the past
Spill onto the floor
In silence and in wonder
My restless eyes watch
What was, slide into what is,
And back to the past again
Oh! To travel thru this plain
Of timelessness
Patterns and swirls and nothing
Nothing! The very body of truth
And light
I’m lost now to the turning tides
And I’m more for it than before