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altar of love

fleeting whispers of ancient songs
floating within the vastness
of night
what is starlight without darkness,
but a lost song within a lagging
and what of this heart? sagging
upon the altar of love, lingering,
awaiting sacrifice
as sure as stars are not seen
but within the cradle of moon’s
sweet glow
i too, am lost to the heavens, without
golden’s soft flow
oh, to still this wretched heart, and give
my soul the peace it
would die for
as i linger here, waiting no more,
for your love to be returned to me

longing from long ago

this longing is a fire in my
chest; beating, flowing, fiery
heat that will not cool
oh, why do you play me so?
my music… but bits of your soul…
as your fingers silently tune my
strings until my voice is a low moan
asking for more
you are my savior and my warden
and this heart is burning
and down low, within these loins,
the strings of love tenderly vibrate
as eternal echos of your touch
replace reality with
slow deliberate movements
sounding through time and space…
how i feel you now, upon my heart
wickedly licking the wounds your absence
left there long ago


The turning of the ceiling fan
Clicks and stutters
In the heat of late summer
As the echoes of crickets
Welcome dawn
And the dogs lay panting
Upon the dusty porch morning
Where kittens cling to windowsill sun
It’s another day that’s arisen
Another day yet unwritten,
But another day, is just another one…
The heat of late summer and the
Ceiling fan singing and the sameness
Of the morning sun
How this heart longs to be happy
With the songs already being sung
But for this voice that tells it
That there’s more
Oh how I wish it would be done!
This longing is heavy and the pain
Is distracting
And the race to finish line- well I think
It’s already won
So let this hot summer morning
Welcome the crickets and the kittens
And leave peace behind
As my eyes look towards the heavens
To try to find answers within me
So this heart can endure

crossing souls

dawn breaks and the moon slowly fades away…
and stars that once shined within my dark night
are blended now into the light of day…
though in my memory
i know your golden light yet remains-
fate’s sweet destiny of crossing souls
upon life’s journey into eternity

red dawn

the red dawn spreads
her fingers through the
sky with painful intention…
all that was, is lost
now to the fire that
lingers in her burning heart-
and while morning may
seem like fresh starts,
to dawn, the day is yet
made with the pain of
desires, un-flourished,
and silenced
only evidenced by the streaks
of red and yellow and pink that
paint her sky so solemnly


hoping, wishing, waiting
for something new to catch
my fall into the nothingness
that has hold upon my heart…
i linger now
edging further and further
beyond boundaries of black
and white
determined to find a way out
of this monochromatic life
and into a world of color-
butterflies and wildflowers
are in my mind’s eye
weaving tapestries of what can be
should I find release…
my soul longs for wings upon which
to fly
and falcon’s sight to lead this
heart from despair’s darkness
into light
falling now, i grip the edge of my
and with faith spread my heart
into the arms of eternity


desire warms as it grows up
through the body, climbing
as a vine, flowering as it
goes through the deep deep
darkness that lies at the depth
of soul
tingling skin, inside out, dances
as a willow in the wind
and the divine light
that lingers just at the head of the body
explodes as light merges with energy
and thousands of flowers
bloom in unison
within every cell of the soul

dawn’s suffering

the dark night troubles dawn
as she labors to bring
the sun to life;
even as song birds herald
her pains each morning
the weight of her task
tolls heavily upon her heart…
depressed and lying upon
the altar of her own suffering,
dawn’s soul lingers exhaustedly
waiting for the light to return
and the day to start…
how I feel for her each morn
as i too, battle the darkness
and emerge with sun’s sweet light
to another day and another fight

lost to me- for L

She is lost to me,
Her eyes avert mine
And her body turns away
When I am close;
Her heart is but a barricade
All roads inside blocked off…
Now I must surrender
To this rolling tide,
The most of it my fault-
Love isn’t a word that comes
Easy to me
My heart’s been withdrawn,
Never understanding
how to adequately give…
And I linger now in the shadow
Of pain and regret;
My love an empty vein draining
Through a plastic sieve..
Oh how I wish it were some other way
And she might find it
Within her
to let go and forgive


Nothingness hangs about
Dropping bits of uninspired
Thought from the sky,
Bitter gray doldrums linger
Preventing illumination
Keeping the heart from seeing
Into the divine; secrets that now
Linger just beyond heart’s view
Oh, sorry sorry day!
There’s nothing that can break
This underwhelming silence
That collects yet more gray rain
Waiting, wasting, withering away
Heart’s calls for help are stifled
By this vast nothingness