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when there is nothing left
nothing is there
and nothing can change that
or make it into something it is not
so I say goodbye to release myself
from the strange hold your
nothing had over me


Just outside the door I linger now,
around a dirty plastic table;
my face lifted and opening towards
warm golden sunlight rays,
thinking on better days, in hopes
that the warmth might lift
my darkening heart from those thoughts
better left unspoken…

Would I linger here within
this logical maze of happiness
and health, or rather choose to sink
into that which I know hungers for me?
I am called towards your vampiric energy…
you who drain my soul instead of set it free-
may the sunlight be constantly reminding
that I am whole and unbroken…


childhood bedtime-
woven intermingled memories
legs around me, surrounding me

sheets, flowered and clean,
a prison of the mind
tortured by snores and more

homeward my heart would lead
followed in time by my mind
and eventually my body
how though you didn’t see

the damage that your snuggles
did to me

quicksand of quick fix

I walked a tilted floor
Trying to get back to you
But I just kept slipping

The ground beneath my feet
Slanted and sliding
Ever moving and unsure
Wasted me

A quicksand of quick fix,
Not withstanding pain,
Lingers yet as prison
Upon my brain

And I wait for your heart to capture
Me as I fall away
As proof that you’re still true
To a soul that’s enflamed

Sweet Lucy Blue

Sweet Lucy was a child of the trees,
Sweet Lucy… left alone,
Sweet Lucy searched but could find no relief,
A child with no home.
Why was she left all alone?
            Sweet Lucy, why?

While Lucy’s mother ran away to play,
With men she so desired,
Sweet Lucy sat by herself unconstrained,
Until mom’s fun retired.
Why was Lucy all alone?
            Why, oh why?

Lucys brother cared little for her soul,
His anger set at Dad,
Lucy pretended that she did not know,
That all he felt was mad.
Why did Lucy suffer so?
            Sweet Lucy, why?

One sordid day, her mother brought him home,
A “friend” for Lucy true,
He said he loved her, with a secret known,
By only Lucy Blue.
Why was Lucy all alone?
            What did he do?

Sweet Lucy and her mother’s “friend” remained,
Together for some time,
And in his bed, the two secretly laid,
Where no one dared to find.
Why was she left all alone?
            Why Sweet Lucy, why?

Sweet Lucy kept her true secret inside,
Even after he left,
Though gone, the secret remained in her mind,
Sweet Lucy’s soul bereft.
Sweet Lucy, Sweet Lucy
            Why oh why?

Sweet Lucy was a child of the trees,
Sweet Lucy… left alone,
Death was Sweet Lucy’s only relief,
From a uncaring home.
Sweet Lucy, Sweet Lucy why?
            Why were you left alone?

Years turned into time and time now is past
Some say still, Sweet Lucy roams,
And within the windswept trees she found at last
The Caring arms of home.
Sweet Lucy no longer suffers so,
            Sweet Lucy’s soul at rest!