Lifetimes merging

Through the looking glass
I saw her
Smiling at me
Bright eyes
Indifferent and longing
But she was a water sign
Gentler and less resolute
Feelings made of glass
And anger that could cut you
She had a circus crown upon her head
And stars in her eyes
Her smile ran through me
And I knew then that we were one
The energy of knowing
Melted lifetimes into one
For a brief moment I felt she saw me too

Show you peace

This energy that opens is furry
And fuzzy and light as mist
It takes me humming into a more
Real system than I have seen
Buzzing through me I see
With glowing eyes colors and transpondents
Watch the waxy covering peel away
And what remains is steadfast

Clarity exists within the folds of what was
And what is to be
Light energy
Washing away with silver droplets of glowing
Water, slowly caressing skin as a river
To the bolder
Show me the way to this salvation
And I will show you peace

A journey

I went down into the earth-
dug down and through
Emerging in a lake- rising in the air
Shaking and gyrating
Until the bear and fox caught me
Grandmother fire- making a rattle
Sitting like a tree, brown and withered
Grandmother earth- giving and smiling
Fire consumes flesh
As fear fades away
Handing me the rattle- passing passing
Smiling, sitting- brown like a tree stump
Brown like the earth I dug through
Don’t leave, though I will remain
As you go, you remain with me
Sound your rattle, uplift these ears
Enliven this heart
Stillness is the way.


Fear grips my heart
Squandering life with a tight hand
It’s a weed that’s grown over years
Of avoidance and neglect
Beautiful and frightening it blooms
Under my skin- fragrance hitting my nose
No where to hide now
The rage has been loosed
And now all that’s left is to wait

Waking soul’s ode to energy

Fog, thick with sound and intention,
Wrapped full my head and eyes
Entered my breathe and became one with me-
As my heart cried out for more-
This glowing, found just through the gates
Of my heart,
And my fervent singing enlivened by
The flame of energy,
Rooted within day’s waking dream….
I am passionless and prostrate
To the sound of the eternal nothing I hear!
Wash away with me-
I will float upon your white crystals until
I am lost to the sea, I give myself
Over to the depth of what I do not see
Feelings burst through as raindrops fall
I am a walking soul bound to the mysteries
Of what is shown now to my heart