in time

From the depths of space and time
the universe will bring us back;
this undying love,
that transcends all physical planes
and energizes spirit
like a thunder cloud and bolt
of lightning…
This has been ordained
and I believe that all will come
as scheduled and in time

All will be happy.



My heart hurts
what to do with this pain?
I cannot eat it
to make it go away;
It just lingers within my chest
like a weight,
constricting my breath


This fear sits in my belly
And boils
Turning my lunch upside
Down and inside out

It blocks my eyes so
I can only see it
Like a jilted lover
Or an old friend

And I long to be rid
Of this pain ; this
Poisonous feeling of fear
That hovers.

But there is no escaping
My gut of what it knows-
I am not good enough
For peace



deep and unforgotten pain
crawls up my chest
as the guilt of my actions weighs
upon my heart, heavily

this slithering feeling of regret
winds its way, like vines,
into my heart, choking the light
from my soul

there is no relief from the dark
and solid night that lines my chest,
my body, and my mind
…a woe-begotten life….

I keep looking for a lining
that might make the clouds not seem
so bleak to me
but guilt is bedfellow

not to be taken lightly….


I hand my heart over
to the universe;
my desire’s ebb and flow-
and within that act
of giving- I allow
for peace to find my soul

~tearful stains~

i long to hold you; your heart
in my arms and comfort
your fears away

I long to feel you within me-
your love and understanding;
washing my pain away

I long for you; as i miss
you, i miss that part of you
that resides within me

an eternity of why
upon my mind, rests so heavily,
so impassioned and desolate

i lift my head to the stars
with hope of a new day in my heart
that someday smiles might…
…wash away tearful stains

~a destiny yet~

I would know you anywhere;
and remember you anytime;
there is no time or space
that could keep my heart
from recognizing yours…

within me is a vast knowing
of what has been
and i am finding knowledge
in what may be
my consolation… to my desolation

faith is a long word
with short letters
and I will find that within me
to continue on the path i am asked
now to walk down… in love

I will keep my memories
and my desires
close to me as I linger on the edges
waiting for a destiny
that is yet to be found…