Darkling and alone

it’s a long cold, this impermanent winter,
who’s spell is cast about me like a
dark and soulless night…
my flame, yet a fire, slowly burns
as I descend into the quiet silence
to search out the places that long for light…
barren stretches of frost touched snow
glisten in the noiselessness
as my body, slowly dying, let’s
my mind let go….
though my voice may only glide
in muffled echoes
across the white stretched road,
my heart, as song birds singing,
lingers darkling and alone

free again

within this quiet practice
a tumult rages…
rising and falling, emotions fury,
a flurry of remembrances
and fear-
there’s no inspiration that dwells
beneath this painful leveling;
my body is but a tool for soul’s
cleansing; nothing remains hidden
while i suffer at the hands of
karmic reds and blacks and yellows…
nothing! oh to feel the warm embrace
of nothing… to wrap my aching head
around the silence and breath…
but for today, in quiet practice,
i sit and observe the pain-
waiting for a time to be free again

than before

Remnants of the past
Spill onto the floor
In silence and in wonder
My restless eyes watch
What was, slide into what is,
And back to the past again
Oh! To travel thru this plain
Of timelessness
Patterns and swirls and nothing
Nothing! The very body of truth
And light
I’m lost now to the turning tides
And I’m more for it than before


i am already dead…
this life is but an echo
sliding across the walls of eternity,
singing songs of body and soul-
fragile time! far too fast,
holding now memories, already past…
this heart yet dwells
within the darkness of a dying moment
forgotten, then renewed; passing from
what is, into what was…
only to be that which it becomes…
dust and ash are what awaits this soul
a body dying, a heart’s dark home


The gateways are closing
As the train of past emotion
Pulls heavily away…
This heart, unburdened now,
Hangs like an empty shirt
Within my breast-
Hoping, wondering, praying
For some light to return
On the wings of truth;
For some hope to fill the void
That once sang of pain and suffering…
Oh to be filled with remorse and regret!
Lo- though I feel the lightness of what’s now missing
The nothing that remains seems
So hollow and lonely-
Would that i could find the strength to
Fill my missing pieces with love
And forgiveness….
Alas for now, sitting within this emptiness-
Is all I can endure.


The ice is breaking and all
That lay trapped within this
Cold heart is flowing free again
This freeze! Leaving the breadth
Of my extremities black and broken
Falls now upon the weight of a warm
And glowing fire
So long has my mind wandered
So long has this voice lingered silently
No more will the cold destroy
And deny the fate that’s rightfully
Sown for me
Linger not upon the snow covered plateaus
The sun is out and the balance of rainbows
Is glittering


Closets that were locked are opened
And the contents held within
Have spilled upon my soul…
Dark echoes swirl with hunger
Around my head and heart-
So long deprived of open air,
So long pushed into the corners
And forgotten-
They grow in pitch until the fire that
Lit them slowly finds the will
To let go and just smoke-
Filling my soul with cleansing incense;
The holes that were left so long ago
Are now covering over
As wildflowers begin to grow