Category: Poetry


Weary, i put my head down for
Just a moment
And close my eyes
The light, too far away for me to see,
Lingers just on the edges of my exhaustion
And while my heart’s wings have spread
Into a beautiful gossamer waves,
I fight to keep up with the sounds
Of echoes that follow me..
Grateful for all that flows within,
My eyes close and restively
Wait for the next opportunity to fly

Wings of love

Standing again at the edge,
Peering into an abyss that echoes
Hundreds of lifetimes
Of songs and faith and fear…
And now that my toes curl upon the
Rough edge of a destiny that must
Include a leap of faith
I falter not
For all that’s been, remains true
And all that is yet to come,
Is mine, save my heart remain,
And my nerves still,
And these wings I’ve built upon the
Sweat of my pain
Open in a steady beat of unconditional

Fuzzy visitor

It’s as if music in some far off
Distant place is playing,
And all I can hear are echoes
Ringing and buzzing within my head-
Oh! to hear this music presently
And to feel the deep sound…
My heart jumps in adulation of a
Celebration I am but a fuzzy visitor for

frozen castles

sitting in-between longing undelivered
and fear potently hovering;
my heart falls under the weight
of the water that sinks it so into despair…
turmoil plays with emotions in a cat and mouse
game of hate filled shame-
i could cry into the void that sits beside me,
though no words can puncture the depth
of nothingness that would swallow
my voice without remorse or effort…
lost, lost are windy summer days when
my dearest worry floated upon sun-swept
clouds perfumed with flowers and innocence!
this chill that grips me now, as i sink into
a self-made prison of cold, brings the darkness
alongside; asking me to worship the very
torture that cuts deep into my body
leaving nothing but blackened, frost-bitten
skin, and loneliness
with head in hand, and heart thrown up and left
to rot upon the floor of my soul,
solace is the only friend that can be found within
the quiet of misery of what is now
my frozen castle of anguish and pain

The other side

Whirlwind of pain and anxiety
Storm through this heart of mine
Dread and fatigue banish
Happiness as anger
Replaces the dawn with more
Red darkness
Alone and left without a shoulder
To lean my weary head upon
I sigh at the very thought of moving
In any direction
Save into more pain and despair
There’s nothing left to hold onto
As illusions of fate wash away
All that remains are shattered ruins
Of hopes and dreams and plans
While I await whatever decidedly
Waits for me now on the other side
Of all things


My heart is drowning in black
Ooze, unable to breathe
It languishes and struggles
For air, oh life! You cruel cruel
Master, devouring my light
Releasing hope to the darkness
That now envelopes my spirit
And drowns the very essence
Of me
What can a heart do when it’s taken
From soul and left alone to
Search out safe passages;
Longing only to return back to the
Fire of home..
Lost to the darkness, muffled cries
Remain unheard as this heart
Beats without resolve
And I sink into the darkness
That’s taken hold


The heat is firing but my feet
Just can’t get warm;
It’s a weary heart that doesn’t beat
But once or twice,
Without vigor
Or deceit-
And from the frozen extremities
My focus of what’s lack,
Once flat and sure,
Glides from my mind and lands
Squarely upon the floor.