A journey to within

~shamanic journey~

I was running as if something was chasing me
I ran into the cave and hid in some wet clay
Sinking down into the mud
I couldn’t breathe- my chest was so heavy
When I emerged from the mud
I was clean, but still frightened
Still the feeling of being chased
I ran into the spider, or should I say
He found me
And wrapped me inside a cocoon
It was sticky and grabbed ahold of my anger
Like tape it started to lift it away
I was then on a table- faces shadows all around me
And he started to operate
To remove the pain
And the anger- cutting cutting, and lifting
My chest was feeling lighter
And I realized that I didn’t have to shoulder the burden
But instead give it up- and I did
Free from the anger and pain, free from the exhaustion
I returned with a grateful heart

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