in my thoughts tonight

~In my thoughts tonight~

The half smile that lines your lips
-warning others to take care;
The way you absently run your
Fingers through your hair;
Your escaping laugh
That i would know anywhere;
Love’s sweet blush that you hide
to protect your heart from
the darkness you believe lies there.

Demons linger within the shadows
Of what you believe you lack
And love’s dear whisper, silenced,
By the pain of what you bare.
The haunting steps of empty streets
Long forgotten now, but heavy yet
With deep promises and pacts
What darkness dwells when light’s
Cast disappears?

… I feel you always near..
The star that shines within you is real

I long to touch the deep and rolling
Waters that flow within
A soulful mix of fancy and whim
Would that I could quench the pain
that hovers just above the din
And call you to shed the past
And learn how to forgive,

and learn once again how to live.

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