the girl in the stars

there once was a girl who reached for the stars.. she tried and tried to touch them…
alone, in the darkness, she would speak to them, whispering sweet nothings
of how it will be when she comes home

everyday the sun would rise, the birds would sing…the light of day overtaking…
and sadness would fill her heart, all she desired was to be with them
to feel their light upon her

one day when she could take no more of their leaving… she devised a plan
to fly up up up to them… her stars… and hang onto them with all her strength
how wonderful she thought, to be with them forever

So she built beautiful wings of gold, and gossamer flowers glowing
she told them not to worry, she would be coming soon
upon wings of starlight flowing

when the time was right, she dressed her arms in wings
and took off from a start… she ran and ran until she caught the air
leaving all she knew below her

The darkness to which she flew was cold… the lonliness of height
through countless stars she flew alone…. an isolating flight
no star could she call her home- no star claimed as her own

why? thought she am i so alone, when i am soaring through starlight?
Tears of pain and anger flowing, flowing like an asteroid behind her…
why?, she cried… why? i thought I was going home

just at her bleakest moment though.. when her skin was chilled to the bone
the sun returned to the sky and warmed her…
his light like a old friend; a shadow of her former self

sometimes, my sweet, you must understand the nature of stars, he told her
to be starlight, you must shine your light in darkness… in cold…
alone…for others to see… this is a lonely task you’ve undertaken…

but when you learn to light your own way, and warm your own self… you become a beacon… a shining star
so stand firm, my sweet girl, you are exactly where you are…

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