Piotr and the blind woman

~Piotr and the blind woman~

There was once a god named Piotr and he fell in love with a woman who was stricken with blindness.

She couldn’t see him, she couldn’t understand what he was- but Piotr loved her still for her trusting nature; soft like a flower.

Each day Piotr would come down and whisper to her- tell her how beautiful she was… tell her how lovely and gentle her soul was. He would embrace her in her spirit form- dance with her fire, her light like a leaf on a breeze.

One day Piotr came down and she was missing. Not in her usual place. Not anywhere.

He gnashed his teeth. He thundered the sky… he cried tears of rain for days.

Where had his flower gone?

He returned daily to the spot his beloved would sit… waiting to see if she would return. Everyday he swept down, everyday he left disappointed.

One day as he came down he saw a man there waiting….

“Lord Piotr,” he asked, “why do you come here every day? Searching searching “

Piotr, taken aback by this mere mortal addressing him suchly, responded back,

“Where is the blind woman who sat here to meditate everyday? “

“Ah,” replied the man “she is gone… “

“Gone? What do you mean gone?”

“She was taken by her affliction and now she is passed. “

Piotr, fell to the ground in despair. How how could the reaper have taken such a beautiful and innocent thing? When there are so many more less worthy?

As Piotr’s tears ran into the ground, so full so love, so full of despair… a small delicate flower suddenly appeared from the earth.

Piotr touched the flower and felt that familiar fire, the flame of spirit… his heart lightened and his tears stemmed…he picked up the flower and put the glowing white bud in his hand…

and understood….

Those we love they never leave us- even when they are gone…The flame of spirit lingers on within all we touch, all we think, all we do….

Piotr carries his flower now like a flame with him- forever tucked away in the palm of his hand- forever glowing…..

dancing through all eternity; lord Piotr and his blind lover….

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