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eternal moments

flowing flames of burning candles
dance upon this heart,
newly awakened from dark and
fitful slumber to find songs
of love playing upon harp strings
in the distance…
And all that was once muddled within
the dusty corners of thought
shine like rainbow filled diamonds
upon the eternal moments
divined for secret quiet

face of memory

secret longing hangs swollen
and pregnant upon
the breast of memory-
heavy with the weight
of defeat, heart’s silent
screams fall upon closed
ears, lost to the timeless
ticking of clock hands that
know not of fear
death cannot take the remembrances
of taste and touch etched now
within these walls of love-
there is no space that can hold
the array of tears that fall as
gilded rain upon this lost soul,
waiting for completion…
but one kiss is all it would take
to be renewed;
remember me as the rain falls
upon your doorway,
as this heart pines away for
your unknown face of memory


I’m thinking of you
And wondering if you can feel my lips
Glance your neck,
My arms feel your back,
Am I dreaming, or what?
I can see your heart as I speak now
And there’s nothing that could hold
Me back from you
I feel you because I am inside you
Let me shine in your heart,
Now as we are apart, so you might come
To remember my scent


My soul’s soul
A friend from the stars
To earth
Guided by a pact made before
We arrived
To hold hearts
Interlocking love
You are mine
I am yours
How did this take so long to see?
Love is a word that does
Not do justice
To our fate
bound by elementals
And moonlight
My arm is yours for all this
Wandering life

golden dawn

awoken is this tired heart,
by morning’s light and song-
choraliers of hope upon
branches singing
of love’s sweet golden dawn…
oh songbirds of my heart,
keep ringing,
until this old soul sings along!
as sunshine flows,
my heart is brimming,
with memories of melodies,
lost to time and gone…

souls and dust

can you still hear my
whispering through the folds of time
that separate souls
and dust?
this lingering memory
that calls my heart to you-
how it wanders through empty halls
silently calling your name…
and though I am but a speck
amidst eternity
perhaps you can feel me too-
and smile that one day we will
find ourselves joined
within that blue spiral of light
once again


this space that lives behind
the blue of your eyes
pauses this beating heart….
for within the folds
of silence lies darkness
that will not break
or bend…
coldness runs deep
within the quiet between us
as chills prick my skin
and cool my soul’s core
and I wonder when the sun might
shine again

notes of love

oh! these notes of love
written with invisible ink
travel through time and space
searching out the heart that might
have the eyes to read
what is etched upon my soul

long halls of time

voices hang in the air
flowing over breeze, making their
way back to me;
words i would long to hear
from long ago…
echoes of a past not mine
but somehow left in my memory…
and though your arms no longer
hold me- i can still hear your
whispering through the long
halls of time
harkening me backwards

waking tear

oh! would that i could protect my heart
from such weakness it has for you…
when your soul sings sweet nothings
to me, drifting me softly to sleep;
for within those lullabies, lies hope
that you might yet, find me…
though soul’s purpose be shrouded-
clouded by misgivings of the day,
i can’t help but think of thoughts
that you might still find your way…
and within those thoughts, held is grief,
for my eyes hear what my ears refuse
to see… you, my love, are but a memory
and I am just a waking tear