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elemental love

you enter me as softly blowing wind
reaching outer edges of my soul
and within my stream, you wash your feet
loves sacred ritual and offering

water and air, cleanse the space
upon the green field where we lay
its here within eternity’s soft embrace
the passion of our union grows

a fire that cannot be contained
within our hearts intensely glows
until the flames reach heaven’s gate
conflagration of divine control

then like a breeze, you float away
as raindrops from my eyelids fall
mountain and stream will wait again
for your soft touch to come and call

echoes of passion

though you’re no longer here
i wonder if you still feel me…
my pulsating, vibrating, echoing
energy; adrift in the ether-
whispering silent longing
to the heavens as the skies
open up into a soft rainfall
of pleasure and memory


I am sadness
bottled in an attractive wrapping,
manufactured by the highest pain,
handled with the least care…
and yet still you find me
filling and healing, and loving-
you! the salve of my misgivings,
sorrow and suffering…
you! who pick up my broken pieces
even after my shards make you bleed…
somehow you still find a reason
to protect and ingest all of me

when the wind blows

I can hear you whispering to me
Over the folds of the wind
Sending heavenly dowry-
Of things that had been
lifetimes ago, when you and I
were still true
and the universe conspired
to see love through…
Alas, now we are but an echo,
that I can only hear
when the wind blows or in my dreams

soul touching

You buried your face in my hair
and told me it smelled of leather;
your hands searched my fingers
and the lines of my waist
holding on as if this one time
was the last time
you would touch me…
and I decided to let you in
because the fire in your heart
burned an imprint of your energy
upon my soul