Tag: sorrow


pounding head, aching heart
nothing left but sorrow…
fallen pieces of what could be
linger now like broken rainbows
upon the floor-
and of this heart, i cannot speak,
the pain has choked the words
that might have explained my
broken dream…
though the sun shines, and birds
sing, and all that was good still
drifts upon the waves of fresh
and pretty air
my dungeon is in darkness
that no one can see
and here I remain willingly

metallic rain

cold, hard, metallic rain hasn’t stopped
falling in days-
so obviously different from the sounds
of summer’s thunder, warm and soft
to touch, full of breath and life;
now this piercing rain, uncompassionately
lands heavily upon this heart of mine,
each drop a reminder of distant pain,
hidden from sight, blackening the very
heart in which it clings…
hateful falling rain, tearing at the wounds
of time, mocking the very fabric
from which it stings-
there is no shelter from these sounds
of the past, echoed now within
the prickling drops pouring down
outside upon my windowsill


morning sun remains hidden
as sheets of growing darkness
cover the dawn with gliding
fervor; crickets relay songs
of summer as they drift slowly
into winter’s sleep;
and how this heart of mine
beats quickly, remembering
the change in time, and how the light
slowly drifted from before my eyes-
as what was left of my innocence
was stolen by the marching of
soundless ignorance…
what was i before this breaking
that took my mind?
crickets still fight against the impending
darkness that will cause their demise
and I wonder, why couldn’t i?


the distance between us is too far
for my eyes to see; though i search
through my mind to find that one
deciding factor that would bring
memories back to life
while my body lies, slowly dying,
words sunken into eyes that are too
tired to see anymore
and you, standing beside, waiting like
a vulture for yours- now after all
this time
how can this be that you would rip
the heart from me while I lay
destitute upon this smoldering
ground, a wreckage of a human
being, though still you play…
and i’m too salty to fight for more
than just one more embrace-
“you fool!” I say… though in truth,
i’m the one lying


hidden emotions inconveniently
emerge upon this heart’s sleeve
throbbing , beating, bleeding
dripping away in a red
fury until all that can be seen
is this spot of fever
almost ancient in disease
there’s no hiding the swell,
the absolute certainty
that overtakes all else,
until what remains is but a
vision, a version, of self
doused in emotion’s flame
set on devouring itself…
this public display, this shirtsleeve,
this pain that cannot be helped
it’s never ending, never quiet, never
lost … but lingers still sometimes
hidden , sometimes for the world
to see, red and raw and ready
to bleed

sheets of blue

A spot of light illuminated
This sheer window dressing
Just before dawn
And all that was awoken
By the golden energy
Lives on; though transformed
Now into a sheet of blue
As sun rises upon the sill
Of memory
And nothing remains of what
Was but snippets of images
That linger within this heart
Haunting daylight with vestiges
Of night


nothing remains of this
love but pain…
words cross violently,
whipping accusations
through the air in frenetic
now just an emptiness
fills the silent space between
and dark clouds of reality
mar hearts that once
welcomed dawn with hope
for new days
darkness has stayed…
and the cold blow of winter
muscles in

Foothills of eternity

Oh, fragile heart
Stretching towards
A completion
An annihilation
Of self into that which
Provides for more..
And though the darkness
Yet dwells within the corners
Of memories rooted
And left forgotten
To rotten and
Twist into folds of time,
The light of truth is a sword
That cuts down and out
All that no longer serves..
So grasping at the edge
Of a metal cliff
This heart reaches to
Combine the disparities
Into a bridge
That may grow wildflowers
Across the foothills of

Train Whistles

The lack in me is but a distant
Echo of train whistles
Always promising to arrive
At my empty station to let
Off the passengers that might fill
My soul with something more
Than nothing
And yet my twisted fingers
That hold these wasted tickets
To nowhere grip my heart with
Longing for that which
Only lies singing in the distance
For nothing stops at a dead station
But more nothing

Silent desire

The slow run of summer has almost
Reached a finish
The heat is but a last stand
For impending cool…
Birds have abandoned nests
For a lack of need,
As squirrels scurry to find acorns
To chew….
And my heart; once a fiery ball
Of remembered pain
Is now changed by forgiveness
Into a colder harder better protected
Will you still follow after a cooler flame?
Or leave this game of chance to a
Higher power?
My heart may be blue, but my head
Is aflame with silent desire