Tag: sorrow


I loved a man desperately
and that desperation made
me believe that truth was illusion,
and illusion truth.
A slight of hand, and my complicit
willingness to disbelieve
what lay right in front of me,
burned my soul to ash.
Beware of magicians who come
dressed as ordinary men.


You ask for my decision
Will I give you what you need?
I hesitate blindly
Knowing that I am too broken
To fill your heart with light
How can I catch rainbows
When my net is full of holes?

strange and ponderous

Sitting in my car, sunroof open,
staring at the clouds
as I listen to cars hustle by-
And I think of fresh linen
What a juxtaposition
Clean skies, and dirty sounds

Thinking of my life, such
wondrous similarities….
healthy living masking
dirty emotions
that lie just underneath
a clean facade

….Strange and ponderous


when there is nothing left
nothing is there
and nothing can change that
or make it into something it is not
so I say goodbye to release myself
from the strange hold your
nothing had over me


its just a loud silence that fills
the space between us;
a buffering of sound to keep
sweet words away from eager ears

words that one so longs to hear;
oh! inciteful flames that could
give rise to reality’s destruction
fueled yet, by lies and alibis,

you do no good when the words
you drip, like honey, are poisonous to
touch, and more damaging when
ingested into the blood

vampiric love

I turned my head and saw the marks
On my neck, where you once fed
Though I’m not dead
I hang on yet…
Holding this thread of reality
Between my fingers
Grasping the last bits of
Reason… and trying to make sense
Of why willingly
i accepted your feeding

basement of hidden truth

Bobcat crawled out of the
basement of my dream
Hung onto the top stair
pleading with me.

I shut the door
Swore, and urged him to go away
What he was showing…
I just couldn’t let myself say

So I woke up with a pain
In my breast, beating chest,
And regret for things that
That lay hidden between

There’s truly no letting go
When things are left
To linger just below-
The basement of hidden truth…