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Slow wounds

Whispers of cold follow me
Sharp words spoken on swift breeze
Linking remembrances
Old wounds bitterly opened
As frost digests the ooze
Cracked and stiff and solidly
Locked in place
Until all that’s left of a beating heart
Is slow moans of love once flourished
Within sun’s warm embrace


nothing remains of this
love but pain…
words cross violently,
whipping accusations
through the air in frenetic
now just an emptiness
fills the silent space between
and dark clouds of reality
mar hearts that once
welcomed dawn with hope
for new days
darkness has stayed…
and the cold blow of winter
muscles in

face of memory

secret longing hangs swollen
and pregnant upon
the breast of memory-
heavy with the weight
of defeat, heart’s silent
screams fall upon closed
ears, lost to the timeless
ticking of clock hands that
know not of fear
death cannot take the remembrances
of taste and touch etched now
within these walls of love-
there is no space that can hold
the array of tears that fall as
gilded rain upon this lost soul,
waiting for completion…
but one kiss is all it would take
to be renewed;
remember me as the rain falls
upon your doorway,
as this heart pines away for
your unknown face of memory


has reached a boiling point
Bubbling over anger can no longer
Be contained
And all that was good inside this
Heart’s pot
Is lost to the sides
Steam is all that’s left
Of what was once love
And through these elemental
Only remnants of scent

Dusk of love

your emotions are a black hole
they are always growing
in darkness
and never filled with
anything that resembles light,
eager to devour all that you see-
when your spinning emotional
avalanche falls upon me
i shudder in its wake…
And when you choose to share
your misery with others
all see you and despair
for your selfish heart is
full of only you
and no others
and all you can see is you
and your darkness
and i am tired of living in
the dusk of love


the breathe of life that
so smoothly glided from
your tongue to my heart
filled darkness with splashes
of light… vibrant colors
washed away these lines
of gray
and though the words you
spoke were also touched
with pain
i licked them all up with a fervency
matched only by the despair
of loneliness left by
the silence of your leaving


would that i could cry tears of pain
from my soul
just to release the heavy water
that hangs my heart so low….
i would line the sky with thunder clouds
to let the heavens roar
and rain pour down- until this
sorrow was released
from the very depths of me…
Oh to be a cloud that could just let go-
these burdens- how they haunt me so

nothing is the same

swollen with the remnants of wine
from last night, this heavy head
moves through the morning slow
and uncertain
what was that you said? things aren’t
what they’ve seemed and your heart
isn’t as constant as you’ve led me to
the world is turning, and now i’m flipped
onto this aching head
left to make sense of all of this
while you quietly remove your heart
from the conversation…
fear invades the corners of my soul
i guess in the end i gave up control
nothing is the same anymore


Lying in bed listening
to the slow drip of my love
that from my broken heart
falls rhythmically into the sink
this maddening drip drip drip
echoes in my head refusing rest
or peace…
I wait for the day that this heart may
finally empty of its love so that
I may get some sleep

fiery ache

how weary am i of my soul’s
endless searching…
this longing that drives my heart mad
with desire… and fire…
peering into faces for clues-
could it be you? or you?
oh, this burning! but an untended
flame of passion: unstable and
relentlessly explosive…
what must i tell myself to soothe
this fiery ache?