Tag: karma


floating dreams; images circling
clearing paths of truth and communion
heart and mind at odds with deeper understanding
what will come when they wash away these stains?
what will replace this longing?
this voice, quieted by the lies that choke it,
and dependence on a splitting of self
two sides of a being, tearing itself to get over
and conquer
what will come when the light strips bare
all that has hidden inside the shadows?
what monster lingers inside darkness?
my heart is being eaten by itself
urging me to devour myself
over and over again
oh, exacting history be damned now, your
traumas can not hold you anymore
you are naked now and I will suckle you
until you slowly drift from my being
and return to where you can do no more harm

ties transcending

i can hear your voice
floating upon the folds
of time
whispering words of love-
as your fingers sweep my
cheek; your lips my neck…
and my heart reaches through
the space between
to find your willing body
pressed against mine
as separation fades into
forgotten space-
thoughts touching,
hearts beating,
skin alive with the touch
of fate…
our souls bound
by ties transcending

soul strength

i remember so much from those
times when i just
got back
and my soul was thin
but strong
and i was shattered…pieces of me
thrown up on the floor
and left for later-
how i long to tell that me
that it would be okay,
that i would find peace

oh broken, broken me
sobbing in the corner, quietly-
hoping that i might find relief…
soul strength has nothing
on that which I find in myself-
for love in place of fear
receives ultimate forgiveness

standing still

here, in the spot a year later,
still pondering
who I am
and what I see when my
reflection smiles back-
and what is life? oh wicked me!
so much traveling to remain
yet back where I began…
when does this end?
answers still linger in the ether
above my sight
and the more I try to pull them down
the less I understand…
please why, does this treadmill
of enlightenment keep me moving
only to stand still?


quiet this mind-
this disease that’s spread
from room to room
within me…
tumor’s growth suffocates my
demons dance upon my heart
laughing and joking…
as if my despair isn’t
pitiable enough- i am thrashed
by a mocking song of soul
that lingers upon my
shoulders like a wrath
skulking, sullen and cold
i am lost to the changing tides
of torment
and i don’t even know why

vile hold

darkened squalor-
criss crossed and dirty;
these walls are lined
with your filth,
with your hatred and pain…
what can cure a heart of such
of such unsanitary condition-
when you locked the door so long ago
and ate the key in your selfishness?

now bloated and rotting this chest
of mine waits for some divine
locksmith to find me
hiding within the stench
of your hatred
to release the vile hold
your disease has had over me


this burning ball of energy
in the sky hurts my eyes today-
too bright for my heart to
too hot for my hands…
my mind sweats at the mere thought
of this heat that would light
my dust filled corners
with cleansing fire and expose me…

silent memos

messages linger upon the dusty waves
of time, without structure or form-
and yet, contain such beauty of meaning
such that to pull one single silent memo
from the air would be to connect with divine…
these invisible notes left by our-selves
to be found when the time is right
and the mood is fine
oh to give my heart over to these wanderings of
what more could i do to open these
ears of mine to see the truth that lingers
just outside my view?

dark obsession

this uncontrollable fire
burns today without regard
for what I desire-
it’s like the flames i carry within
my heart have a mind of their own…
and my body is left in the middle
trying to control the slow burn
of my longing soul
why do you taunt me so?!
you who hold the key to my
eternity, spirits own lonely
companion down this forsaken road…
would that I cut you out of my destiny
if you would only go, but still you linger here;
my heart’s dark obsession, passion’s fiery glow


slow velvet rumbles of thunder
glide away- as raindrops fall
upon this windowpane…
water splashes onto the floor
and tilted waves of windswept rain
beat upon the door…

my heart, can simply take no more!

the sounds lingering behind this storm
harken back to a time long past-
the stained taste of love, betrayed,
remains upon my lips- like a kiss…
oh! wishing for the sun again