Tag: karma

strange and ponderous

Sitting in my car, sunroof open,
staring at the clouds
as I listen to cars hustle by-
And I think of fresh linen
What a juxtaposition
Clean skies, and dirty sounds

Thinking of my life, such
wondrous similarities….
healthy living masking
dirty emotions
that lie just underneath
a clean facade

….Strange and ponderous


i turned a page
i walked away
i let you go
i forgot your face
i blocked your fire
i closed the gate

though my longing stays
and your illusions remain
and the magic i thought i held
well, it’s still what i crave

so i can claim the day,
i suppose…
i can profess that i am free
to find another way

but i let you in, and parts of you
…they still remain

i will need sometime i guess
to clean my house
and hope the scent of you
slowly fades away


when there is nothing left
nothing is there
and nothing can change that
or make it into something it is not
so I say goodbye to release myself
from the strange hold your
nothing had over me

darkened harkening

oh to wish the quiet of my soul
be louder than the chatter
of my mind
yet i fall behind
always looking for that which
avoids me
missing the larger view
such that i annoy me
a longing for what I
cannot say
I strive to find a lifetime of answers
in a single day
what shortcuts can i take?

I repeal myself
as my eyes look towards
an eternal sky and i know
that I will not find that
in which i search
until i delve away from my waking mind
and into the depths of the
darkened harkening that
silently awaits me

a warning

to those people who prey on pain
who languish within the hardship of others
just to escape their own dire existence
I pity you…

your gossip and snickering
might seem like a valid escape now
but make no mistake
karma never forgets

what we dole out, we receive
what we do upon another
we will have done to ourselves
if not now- soon…

there is nothing that goes around
that doesn’t come back
in some way, shape or form
so be warned…