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This hole

It visits me when I am
This hole, that won’t be filled,
This longing, that has no relief,
Silently it waits for me
To find it
To remember that it’s there,
That I’m still empty
And while it screams into the darkness
Of my soul,
Without words, without sound,
Set on domination of thought
And purpose
I linger now, yet, within it
Trying to understand still
how to fill it with love


desire warms as it grows up
through the body, climbing
as a vine, flowering as it
goes through the deep deep
darkness that lies at the depth
of soul
tingling skin, inside out, dances
as a willow in the wind
and the divine light
that lingers just at the head of the body
explodes as light merges with energy
and thousands of flowers
bloom in unison
within every cell of the soul

dawn’s suffering

the dark night troubles dawn
as she labors to bring
the sun to life;
even as song birds herald
her pains each morning
the weight of her task
tolls heavily upon her heart…
depressed and lying upon
the altar of her own suffering,
dawn’s soul lingers exhaustedly
waiting for the light to return
and the day to start…
how I feel for her each morn
as i too, battle the darkness
and emerge with sun’s sweet light
to another day and another fight


ancient stars linger
in these eyes-
far reaching and dusty
clouds from this life
blind sight with
gray matter to confuse
day from night….
and though your heart
may dwell among
those lights,
and i can no longer
see you through
this dusky haze,
just knowing
you’re up there-
is enough for this soul
of mine to trust
that we will be


I am sinking into
The water of my soul;
Continuing to fall
Deeper and deeper
Until I meet myself-
That white light,
The spark that
Lights my spirit
And lets me break free
From the noise that
Surrounds my life…
Would that I could
Release breath
And live within the
Star filled sea of soul,
And be lost to my own
Changing tides,
And governed by
The moon that
Lingers above me

lost to me- for L

She is lost to me,
Her eyes avert mine
And her body turns away
When I am close;
Her heart is but a barricade
All roads inside blocked off…
Now I must surrender
To this rolling tide,
The most of it my fault-
Love isn’t a word that comes
Easy to me
My heart’s been withdrawn,
Never understanding
how to adequately give…
And I linger now in the shadow
Of pain and regret;
My love an empty vein draining
Through a plastic sieve..
Oh how I wish it were some other way
And she might find it
Within her
to let go and forgive


Nothingness hangs about
Dropping bits of uninspired
Thought from the sky,
Bitter gray doldrums linger
Preventing illumination
Keeping the heart from seeing
Into the divine; secrets that now
Linger just beyond heart’s view
Oh, sorry sorry day!
There’s nothing that can break
This underwhelming silence
That collects yet more gray rain
Waiting, wasting, withering away
Heart’s calls for help are stifled
By this vast nothingness

this truth

where has the heart gone?
hidden way from fear,
banished from her own chest,
she lingers alone…
tears within the fabric of self
keep her empty and scared…
oh love! your sense of entitlement
has gone on too long…
you must find a way back to this soul
so that we may mend the broken fences
that emotions lingers upon…
this folly creates such pain;
as there are no reparations without
and this truth you must claim
as your own…

Meaningless words

white noise fills the room;
this dull roar of nothingness
that occupies thought and sound…
oh dead wanderers, already gone,
asleep and lingering on the brink
of oblivion-
you suffer so at the hands
of those meaningless words
that feed your soul with
when will you let go? nature
is calling
and birds are singing, and rain is
and all that is good is ready
for your welcome hands
and open heart
do not let your spirit die
upon a cross of insignificance
when all you need to fuel
your soul
is already here

the moon

The moon in her darkness
Sits steadfastly silent,
Caressing ocean’s might;
While her gossamer fingers
Reach ever so slightly
Towards horizon’s steep edge…