Tag: desires

dark obsession

this uncontrollable fire
burns today without regard
for what I desire-
it’s like the flames i carry within
my heart have a mind of their own…
and my body is left in the middle
trying to control the slow burn
of my longing soul
why do you taunt me so?!
you who hold the key to my
eternity, spirits own lonely
companion down this forsaken road…
would that I cut you out of my destiny
if you would only go, but still you linger here;
my heart’s dark obsession, passion’s fiery glow


my longing to pull flesh from spirit
has me enflamed, roasting in my
own heavy desire
this fire, these flames, naked is
not enough to contain the throb
that my heart aches with
and I can’t stop the pain… this desire
that burns me from the inside out
beyond longing, my energy spins
around and around
consuming itself in its own funeral pyre
and I am lost to words
and to the wind
the sounds of waves couldn’t comfort me
now as I sit and long for that which might
set this tumult free


my mind reaches out to you
in long waves of thought
strewn energy;
throbbing body lies still,
stumbling to be touched
upon this cross of fire
my passion swells..
as spirit calls to you from
an interfacing heart
beating passionately
within my breast


The air is hot tonight and weighs
heavily upon my soul…
From whence I came here I don’t recall
but I know that I will not be staying long…
My arms as wings long to take flight
along the paths of mystics long
forgotten… but me I’m still here-
watching as night turns to day
and seasons float into each other
and though the heat is upon my
body, sweaty and low, I reckon I will
be slowly moving into that which
might let me sleep- perhaps to take off
in dream- to these places I ache to go…
Perhaps I’ll see you there

counter and away

Oh bleeding heart!
Why are you
so adverse to the pleasures
of happiness
such that you run counter
and away- from the love you desire
in hopes of finding pain
to feed your false need for
what is familiar?


the sliver of sunshine that i can see
from the window pane of my heart
keeps me striving to move forward
in hopes that maybe someday
I will see just a little more…
that maybe someday i will taste
the spring air that flows
through the open fields
just beyond the threshold of my door


i love you with a million miles
of sunshine on my lips…
my hips, but fallen rainbows
for your heart to slide within-
my eyes, golden orbs of light,
to reflect your energy,
my heart an endless sea of green
begging you to swim…
i love you with a timeless fate
that links you back to me
a clock that stopped the day we met
and has since refused to beat…


Like heart shaped clouds floating by
You and I were simply passing
Touching softly in the summer
A piece of your white air
Linked inexplicably to mine
As we floated on

And I let you go as you moved along
On your way to some other destination
Rainbows I found within you-
And the formation of dark storms
But I always kept a bit of your cloud in mine
As memoirs of our fading

in the dark

The dark of my room
takes me back to you….

I cannot help but remember
your breath on my breast,
the feel of your touch on my leg,
the way you whispered nothing
in my ear so that my body
quivered instead…

but you, you’re lost,
and I am still hanging
onto these thoughts…of you-
in the dark of my room