Tag: desires

book pages

book pages, old and smelling
of mildew and decay,
line this heart with
unknown conclusions…
once printed beyond the stars,
i linger now and await
what words might unfold
as the scenario of time plays-
and all that I once thought I knew
about character development
lies wasted at my feet;
i’ve lost the plot thread now
and there’s just no going back
to reread the pages
so hovering about, waiting for
the page to turn, for the plot to
reveal itself, this heart silently
stands by, with bated breath, for
the next chapter

gentle words

Gentle words have no voice
When they linger within the
Echoes of darkness
Thoughts are but silent whispers
Floating upon a void
That wishes not for realization
Lost and spinning upon these
Ceaseless waves of nothing,
Turning around and around,
Until all that once held light
Falls exhausted into the same
Darkness with which it fought
To deny
Oh secret pain! This altar upon which
You pray gives such pause
What can come from the same
But more? And yet you linger here,
Comfortably, praying for day


This heart, too open to be
Closed and too aching
To be heard
Lies prostrate among the flowers
Of my life, weeping
For change…
Soundless, countless waves of
Frustration wash over in
Gray and red and blue
Longing for that inexorable
Something that will enliven
And brighten
And free this heart to fly
Alas, imprisoned within my own
I am but autumn flowers fading
Amidst the coming winter

Foothills of eternity

Oh, fragile heart
Stretching towards
A completion
An annihilation
Of self into that which
Provides for more..
And though the darkness
Yet dwells within the corners
Of memories rooted
And left forgotten
To rotten and
Twist into folds of time,
The light of truth is a sword
That cuts down and out
All that no longer serves..
So grasping at the edge
Of a metal cliff
This heart reaches to
Combine the disparities
Into a bridge
That may grow wildflowers
Across the foothills of

Silent desire

The slow run of summer has almost
Reached a finish
The heat is but a last stand
For impending cool…
Birds have abandoned nests
For a lack of need,
As squirrels scurry to find acorns
To chew….
And my heart; once a fiery ball
Of remembered pain
Is now changed by forgiveness
Into a colder harder better protected
Will you still follow after a cooler flame?
Or leave this game of chance to a
Higher power?
My heart may be blue, but my head
Is aflame with silent desire

Falling tears

Oh broken heart, you
Try so to keep this
Life force flowing
Though with each cursed
Beat you lose more
Of the love you’ve stored
And while you suffer
At the hands of a ticking clock
This mind, abandoned
To the refuse of longing,
Floats upon rain clouds
Of suffering
Until all that’s left
Of this soul
Will be falling tears

standing still

here, in the spot a year later,
still pondering
who I am
and what I see when my
reflection smiles back-
and what is life? oh wicked me!
so much traveling to remain
yet back where I began…
when does this end?
answers still linger in the ether
above my sight
and the more I try to pull them down
the less I understand…
please why, does this treadmill
of enlightenment keep me moving
only to stand still?

Dusk of love

your emotions are a black hole
they are always growing
in darkness
and never filled with
anything that resembles light,
eager to devour all that you see-
when your spinning emotional
avalanche falls upon me
i shudder in its wake…
And when you choose to share
your misery with others
all see you and despair
for your selfish heart is
full of only you
and no others
and all you can see is you
and your darkness
and i am tired of living in
the dusk of love

an empty plate

staring at an empty plate
not sure what to do with it-
the longer i look at the clean
the more i want to drown it
in food
and forks
and I long to taste what might
cover the soft flowers
and devour that which lines
the center
and oh, perhaps you too
might undress yourself so quietly
so i might cover your outer corners
with sustenance and longing
you are my appetite
fueled and filled and quieted
by sweet resolve


i felt the energy of the bear
today, strong tall and black
i could feel his eyes all over me
as if desiring to taste my skin
i let him close and felt his
tongue on my neck
as he smelled my hair