I am the earth
my robes flow into endless fields of gold
and my heart carries songs of birds on the wind

the fire within me burns
with glory and contemplation
my unending source of power and love

I am abundant and give freely
of my healing streams; my valleys
dotted with the scent of flowers and truth

I am constant and unending
I have enough for all who love me
and more for those who cannot



when there is nothing left
nothing is there
and nothing can change that
or make it into something it is not
so I say goodbye to release myself
from the strange hold your
nothing had over me


Just outside the door I linger now,
around a dirty plastic table;
my face lifted and opening towards
warm golden sunlight rays,
thinking on better days, in hopes
that the warmth might lift
my darkening heart from those thoughts
better left unspoken…

Would I linger here within
this logical maze of happiness
and health, or rather choose to sink
into that which I know hungers for me?
I am called towards your vampiric energy…
you who drain my soul instead of set it free-
may the sunlight be constantly reminding
that I am whole and unbroken…


its just a loud silence that fills
the space between us;
a buffering of sound to keep
sweet words away from eager ears

words that one so longs to hear;
oh! inciteful flames that could
give rise to reality’s destruction
fueled yet, by lies and alibis,

you do no good when the words
you drip, like honey, are poisonous to
touch, and more damaging when
ingested into the blood

sandy shores

Soothing blue embrace
reaches out like waves upon a beach
caressing all those sandy parts of me;
I linger with your salty water
covering my hidden places,
calming my energy-
And when tide pulls back to sea
I don’t long for your touch
because you’ve left parts of yourself,
shells and stones and kelp,
Upon my sandy shores


It’s not yet dawn and
my dog is softly snoring on my leg.
My eyes try to rest
but these thoughts of you
that run wild within my heart
linger loudly round me;
It’s dissonance to my soul
and allows my heart no peace-
Love knows no time and cares not
for respite or release;
So I hover now between, wondering,
what I could have done differently…
A plague of the heart as dark as
the night outside my window-
My only consolation is that I know
by the songbirds that dawn is near