basement of hidden truth

Bobcat crawled out of the
basement of my dream
Hung onto the top stair
pleading with me.

I shut the door
Swore, and urged him to go away
What he was showing…
I just couldn’t let myself say

So I woke up with a pain
In my breast, beating chest,
And regret for things that
That lay hidden between

There’s truly no letting go
When things are left
To linger just below-
The basement of hidden truth…


What is a kiss but lips
In an unexpressed language
Soulfully wordless
And yet more…

Pages of unresolved emotion
Bound between two sets of
Skin; linked by heartfelt
Synchronicities of joy and pain

I long for your lips to reach
That place within me
That hovers within darkness
And liberate my spirit

Your carefully placed longing
Accepted into my being
Would be such fresh spring
To a releasing ache.


There’s another bird
That made a nest at my house
She sits in the wreath on my porch
And waits

Quietly I wonder why these
Sweet songbirds find me
And nestle so into my heart
And home.

Perhaps nature’s sweet way
Of reminding me that melody
Can hold sway of spirit
And lighten the load

Would that I could sing as such
With wordless thoughts-
That cannot be understood
But by the heart.


There is a lightness in my step
today; a smile that my spirit
for that which was a question mark
lies now a period upon my thoughts
and while i long to
embrace that magic-
that ever so soulful dreamy state-
i long more for that which is
and within myself find that
bewitched state…
heartfelt songs within my breath;
melodious echoes inside silent

thankful to you

now that i can see
the secrets that in front
of me have dangled
i am free to love more fully
with the understanding
that what was, while not real,
still held lessons for my soul,
to help me grow, into
the person i’m meant to be.

set free

forgiveness opens the heart
up like a flower
releasing a soothing
scent of peace
upon the soul

allowing for others
to make their mistakes
in love, with love,
opens the spirit to colors
more vibrant and alive

and when we let go of that
which we desire
opting instead for what we need
we allow the universe to provide
all that is required

and in a sense, be set free

a more tender energy

my task now is to let go
say goodbye, good day, farewell
and let the universe
try to fill the empty spaces
with light

this calling of my heart
to understand the part i played;
my doing : undoing mixed
together- this flow…
i let go

heaviness sits upon my soul;
striving to be free from the
confines that bound it
to you- the links
back to me

i release all those things
i thought to know;
trying to make sense of
that which draws deep pain
within my soul

and with love, and on my knees,
i plead to the universe
to take that which i lost
and replace it with
a more tender energy