slow velvet rumbles of thunder
glide away- as raindrops fall
upon this windowpane…
water splashes onto the floor
and tilted waves of windswept rain
beat upon the door…

my heart, can simply take no more!

the sounds lingering behind this storm
harken back to a time long past-
the stained taste of love, betrayed,
remains upon my lips- like a kiss…
oh! wishing for the sun again

garden of memory

the falling rain makes musty
this garden of memory…
red ribboned pigtails and swing sets
tossed in the wet flowing breeze-
blow back softly in my mind

moments free from constraint
flow with thunder as it rolls by;
tulips in galoshes skip upon slate,
until grass swallows up the path
leading through lost halls of time

songs of adoration echo
within clouds that darken the sky;
sweet and fanciful worship on wings
shelter in tree’s canopy, as constant sheets
of water fall, silencing the pain inside

just simply natural falling rain
dripping memories into eternity


traumatic walls line my heart
as a dark shield of pain
what once was protection
now makes me a slave
it’s a cage of dull metal
and though i bite and i scratch
there is no relief
nor anyway to go back
oh! that i could take you
far away from here
but, my heart, you’re too willing
to just remain inside trapped

waking tear

oh! would that i could protect my heart
from such weakness it has for you…
when your soul sings sweet nothings
to me, drifting me softly to sleep;
for within those lullabies, lies hope
that you might yet, find me…
though soul’s purpose be shrouded-
clouded by misgivings of the day,
i can’t help but think of thoughts
that you might still find your way…
and within those thoughts, held is grief,
for my eyes hear what my ears refuse
to see… you, my love, are but a memory
and I am just a waking tear

elemental love

you enter me as softly blowing wind
reaching outer edges of my soul
and within my stream, you wash your feet
loves sacred ritual and offering

water and air, cleanse the space
upon the green field where we lay
its here within eternity’s soft embrace
the passion of our union grows

a fire that cannot be contained
within our hearts intensely glows
until the flames reach heaven’s gate
conflagration of divine control

then like a breeze, you float away
as raindrops from my eyelids fall
mountain and stream will wait again
for your soft touch to come and call