slow bleed

my body is dissolving
into energy
as rain falls so seldom
upon my heart
and longing is but a slow bleed
wasting away all that
was light


the quiet lingers in the air,
thick and heavy…
it’s very essence pregnant
with an unspoken knowing..
this peace that weighs so
dearly upon my heart,
beating in unison with some
divine understanding,
allows light to shine through
cracks and glowing skin to alter
into crystalline stardust…
and while this peace may leave me
humbled and without words
i would lose myself to the nothing
that hovers about
just for the chance to find such freedom
within this beating heart

on lion’s gate energy

the wind flows through my hair
and stardust lines my eyes
this heart has freed up some space
to find joy again…
the light tendrils of infancy,
this spirit’s bated breath,
linger now like lightening
within my soul
there is nothing that can stop
my mouth from singing
save my own dire dread-
i linger not within that darkness
for the light has found me
and within it’s warm glow
i remain


I am made to heal
The fates have spoken
And my ears
Hear into depths
The purpose is clear-
My heart, a white light
Forged of pain and suffering..
Has flown into darkness
And been touched by the fire of pain
And yet survives…
For the peace we search for
Remains within the self
Each of us a lantern
Shining within despair, cutting
Through anger, until all that’s left
To see is love

soul strength

i remember so much from those
times when i just
got back
and my soul was thin
but strong
and i was shattered…pieces of me
thrown up on the floor
and left for later-
how i long to tell that me
that it would be okay,
that i would find peace

oh broken, broken me
sobbing in the corner, quietly-
hoping that i might find relief…
soul strength has nothing
on that which I find in myself-
for love in place of fear
receives ultimate forgiveness


I’m thinking of you
And wondering if you can feel my lips
Glance your neck,
My arms feel your back,
Am I dreaming, or what?
I can see your heart as I speak now
And there’s nothing that could hold
Me back from you
I feel you because I am inside you
Let me shine in your heart,
Now as we are apart, so you might come
To remember my scent


My soul’s soul
A friend from the stars
To earth
Guided by a pact made before
We arrived
To hold hearts
Interlocking love
You are mine
I am yours
How did this take so long to see?
Love is a word that does
Not do justice
To our fate
bound by elementals
And moonlight
My arm is yours for all this
Wandering life