oh great life!

Light blue sky
Flashes in my mind
As the strong winds of springtime
Air out this dusty heart…
And the open windows of my soul
Collect sounds of songbirds
Within the walls
And even the photographs
Are smiling…
What release can remove the darkness
Of the past and replace it
With such warm light?
Oh great life! Though I’ve doubted
Your love
I know you’ve always been just outside
Waiting for me to welcome you

spirit animal

I entered the cave as before
Naked, hair flowing…
But the other side was raining
The flip side of sunny
It was nourishing-
The dark side of the world…
The trees welcomed me with smiles
And remembrances
Joyfully I hugged them
With the entirety of my heart..
And I felt a spider’s web brush my face;
I wondered at where the spider could be…
And I saw her
She was behind me, reading my
Steps… unsure of how to approach
I reached out to her energetically
And felt her face next to mine
This white wolf
And she remained close to me
Then she asked for my heart
And I watched her eat it
besmirched I travelled back down
The road, and through the portal
Back home


this child haunts the halls
of your broken sight
always lost and losing
afraid to let people into
this darkness lest they find a light
and shine it on all the filth
that remains in this room of pain
there’s nothing there to steal
and you’ve left nothing to gain
your poison in my lungs
and your illusion for my brain
i will wait no longer for you though
falcon’s wings take me away
but in the end I will have you
and you will be asked to pay

on a walk

bees hover just so slightly
over the waving grasses dotted with
small white wildflowers swaying,
breathing, as the wind blows…
and these giant feet of mine
are careful not to step upon a bee
or butterfly
and disrupt the flow of this
waving dancing ecosystem…
just a giant walking
as the air sweeps my hair back
and hips sway

prison of mind

I dug a hole
The soil was dark and wet
I could smell the musty earth
Under my fingers, on my clothes
Covering my knees..
Perhaps someday I will lie inside
This muddy hole and let the world
Drift by… though I hold no false
Hope for me..
Oh that ends could be so easy!
I would drift into the rain swept sky
Releasing all the world ever taught
Me to believe
Alas I’m still here, covered now in
This musty earth, waiting for a time
When my heart, strong and hard,
Might deign to release
Me from this prison
Of mind

peace of mind

the peace that is found within
relieves the heart of anger
and pain-
as quietly as the wind blows
through leaves
one’s breath, exhaling thanks,
is all the moment you need
let go and let the flow of life,
the knowing of silence,
the silent moment,
release you

nature’s beauty

there’s a dead leaf
that hangs onto this summer
brown and wilted
it clings
in contrast to the red and pink
flowers growing near-
yet still, through this
transparent death
soft wind quietly blows…
and with rays of sunlight
it dances and glows
how wondrous a transition!
even in death, nature’s
beauty grows