Category: meditation


I stretch and strain to find the light
Reaching into the far corners of my being
Growing towards something
I cannot see
But somehow know is there
I release the hold my ego has
Upon my soul
And take flight- On unsure wings
I fly
Bursting through clouds and winds
I am nothing- as light as a smile
And free as the echoes that
Linger still in the past of my mind
Without fear I glide
Towards that which I cannot see
And into a beyond yet to be


Inner child’s voice

Without clear thought
The mind is muddled
Too many words spinning
Tying and untying knot after knot
The deeper the wound is touched
The tighter the threads are locked
This inner child raises her voice
Only to be drowned out by the clamoring
Of thought
So many times she’s tried to tell
And so many times she’s failed
It’s my own fault
Traumas run deep and come out dirty
My mind would rather block it out
With words- images- confusion
Until i completely lose the plot
And walk away


Hope rides on wings of light
The sound of trumpets guiding
Gliding she lifts my hand-
“It will be alright”
Her singing flows within my head
As birds build their nest beside me
All that’s lost returns
After what was- is dead…
Shadows of memory pass lightly now
as the light returns again


Fear pulsates through me
I want to scream
The discomfort is so strong
My jaw is locked, my face stone
And my heart, racing in fear
Of the unknown
I pray to regain balance
While I scream in agony and defeat
Save me from this pain
I am drowning in sacrifice

Waiting for darkness to pass

Beneath this fear- doubt rages
She is a tempest of dark
And swirling energy
I hold my breath, close my eyes
But I can still feel her winds
Upon my breast
Her stench within my nose
I am blinded by her
Binded by her
She is me-
unraveled and ugly to behold
This nothingness and lack
This worthless and unworthy
What will become of me?
I fight still her whispers-
Her secret reminders
That I will never be enough
My heart is bleeding from her sweet
Sweet nothing
And all I can do is wait for this
Darkness to pass


Beneath fear churns doubt
This ever present turning of
Not good enough
This doubt robs us
Of light, hope, confidence
Trust that we can move forward
Belief in ourselves
Doubt is a cold mistress
She lingers with her legs open
She wants you to fall into her
And she would have you believe
That she can make you brave
When really she only takes-
A narcissistic lover-
Who would rather feed you fear
And then feed upon you
Until there’s nothing left but darkness


Time here is clicking away
Each movement and ending
And a new beginning
Yet within this heart
I hear the eternal roar
Of a fire lit beyond time
Beyond the constructs
Of click click click
And within this fire
I bathe my soul
For within the eternity of
Timeless flames
I lose all that I thought I was
And dance with possibility

Be the lighthouse

Be the lighthouse

Dark heavy energy
Finds peace within me
I embrace it and challenge it
I swallow it in one breath
And release it as light in the next
I am a converter
I lighthouse of change and compassion
I am a guide and a host
I am the beginning and end
I swallow shadows
And release light
I embrace fear with love
And free it from its own bindings
Until balance returns

Be the lighthouse
Transmute fear into light
And heaviness into joy
Eat darkness so you may become
A beacon of shining hope
Peace is found in the wisdom of balance
Return your being to the eternity of the NOW
And there you will find me
Cultivating energy and holding Space
As light-workers embrace their soul’s call
To freedom

Embracing change

My heart bleeds
And yet my blood runs still
These pink and red tears

There’s a hole
That has no bottom
At least that I have
Found yet

And this fear of falling
Though through the air I slide
This mind likes to pretend
It has control

I am not lost
My course has no way
Free falling, flying, sliding
Embracing change

Unraveling of truth

Thoughts are lost, swept up
In the winds of time
I cannot hold what was
Everything just keeps turning
Without clarity, my heart
Sits and weeps
Without balance
She is blind
Storms have blown in now
As fate knocks down doors
Mine is still intact for now
But I can hear the pressure
It’s building from the outside
No where left to stowaway
My resolve strengthens,
As fear prepares for influxing
Lost! My child is crying-
But what lingers outside my door?
What is clamoring to enter?
I am nothing
But I cannot reach that empty space
With this turning mind
So I will wait for the inevitable
Unraveling of truth