Author: SibylSong

reiki master, poet, spiritualist, child of the stars


Hope springs up as a hardy tulip,
Colors of red and yellow and purple,
My vision is lousy with them-
My nose, filled with the scent of hope-
With the vibrations of new life;
And then, sinking low into the brown
Cold earth, down deep into the darkness,
My voice yet grows,
Flowing through the birth and rebirth
Of eternal hope, forever damned
To smell the freshness of what might be,
Lingering upon the soft edges of beauty,
Until the season turn again
To cut down my perennial blooms of thought
And magic… browning their edges with
Summer’s hot sun…

Dreams; silent wisdom

Silent voices, singing ancient tunes-
Far back within the folds of
My memories; I wander within this dream
As a passenger, seeking, noticing, feeling
As the waves of wisdom wash over me
I heed the call from a thousand voices
To be! To simply sit within the quiet peace
Listening so softly to the needs of me
To the depth of my being
To the length of my heart, now beating
Within this moment, seeds are growing
Beneath me, within this beating heart
So green…
I linger here now, floating among the clouds
Of my dreams; to capture the melodies
That slowly drift by me


Green flesh pulsates beneath
This chest
My hands reach inside to cradle
A beating heart,
To energize the love that swings
Between ego and soul;
Balance learned so long ago…
Inside this heart bleeds truth,
And freedom from loss,
This beating, beating heart,
This massive flow….
I appreciate your kindness

This swell

Emotion’s swell took me under
Many lifetimes ago-
My body fighting, grasping,
Longing for breath
From the thick roiling waters
Into which I fell…
Ladders of light falling from
My heart, releasing whispers
Of things I’d already known;
Thru this light my eyes followed
Until my body arrived back in
This space and time,
Clinging to the calling of the
Water that drowned my soul-
I’m heading now up the mountain,
My head attached to the moment
As it flows


Shame walked in, like a woman
Who’s face was carved as a hawk;
Sharp, staring,
with amused judgement,
In detached wonder,
Just staring, into the naked me
Struggling to unfold
What it is I see…
Blue and pink and gold,
Why are you so cold? My cheeks
Turning red from your heat…
Shame kisses my lips without permission
And left behind is my pride as I
Squirm under your umbrella
Drained by your vacant stare
And unresponsive finish
I’m healing from the blow

This thread

Energy spreads across
my field of vision
Like wildfire, like sparks popping,
Like stars in the night sky-
Music behind- melodies
Of days, sung upside down
And full of mystery,
A single thread to bind me-
Asleep, awake… turning turning
Until which is the right side up?
No more longing.
That which has passed remains yet
Woven into the tapestry of this energy
Forever singing
Forever mindful and present
I touch my past like a delicate flower
Loving care is the color of my thread


The veil between worlds is thinning
Spirit guides are appearing
Structures are being built on the other side
Chimes are ringing
Swimming with sharks, without being eaten
Pay attention to your dreams
It’s still you singing
Swimming in space
Between worlds, Eyes awake
Visions float before me
Feelings speak instead of words
My soul is heard
As my heart is speaking