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Letting go

i shrug the night from
my shoulders
looking instead to what burns
bright upon the morning-
losing, leaving behind,
letting go
these pieces of past
that lingered like broken glass
upon the road-
my feet are free from those bits
of memory that dogged them so…
yet, while the sun may rise again
into this unfolding path of light,
i remain still within the quiet
of what held me fastened,
to appreciate the beauty
that resides within the painful
lessons leveraged upon
my soul
and just for a moment i find
that peace
in accepting it all
and letting go


i am but a ghost walking the halls
of my former life
without justice, without light;
all that was, is lost now
to the veil of illusion
that’s fallen from my eyes…
my whispers echo unheard
against the bare walls that
once held accomplishment
and pride…
nothing remains now but memory
of a me that was never real,
but lost inside a maze of falsehood
and pretend;
one can never measure up to what’s
never been there
and my heart, fearful and full of rage,
would take this image of myself
that it held to be true
and burn it into flame
and let the dust settle upon these empty
walls with hate filled shame

metallic rain

cold, hard, metallic rain hasn’t stopped
falling in days-
so obviously different from the sounds
of summer’s thunder, warm and soft
to touch, full of breath and life;
now this piercing rain, uncompassionately
lands heavily upon this heart of mine,
each drop a reminder of distant pain,
hidden from sight, blackening the very
heart in which it clings…
hateful falling rain, tearing at the wounds
of time, mocking the very fabric
from which it stings-
there is no shelter from these sounds
of the past, echoed now within
the prickling drops pouring down
outside upon my windowsill


morning sun remains hidden
as sheets of growing darkness
cover the dawn with gliding
fervor; crickets relay songs
of summer as they drift slowly
into winter’s sleep;
and how this heart of mine
beats quickly, remembering
the change in time, and how the light
slowly drifted from before my eyes-
as what was left of my innocence
was stolen by the marching of
soundless ignorance…
what was i before this breaking
that took my mind?
crickets still fight against the impending
darkness that will cause their demise
and I wonder, why couldn’t i?

darkening days

as the days grow shorter
and darkness swallows
the warmth of summer sun
all that was flush and green
within this heart fades quietly
into a colorful oblivion
and the thoughts once pregnant
with new growth and understanding
linger now upon the precipice
of winter’s deep dive
waiting for fire’s soft flame
to give hue back to these flush
cheeks and patient soul
this body awaits the impending cold
with tolerance and mercy

a smile

silvers of hope slid into the
empty spaces so quietly
she hardly knew they were
there, yet one morning she
awoke to a different collection
of thoughts, some differing feeling
that was both uneasy and comforting
to touch…
these shards of lightness
illuminated the dusty corners of her
heart with a new kind of bright
what is this? she pondered as
her mouth curled unfamiliarly
upwards into what could only be characterized as a smile…

approaching winter

i will speak no more
of flowers and songbirds,
the youthful hue has fallen
and winter’s bane, cold to touch
metallic to taste, fills now
these thoughtful days…
scurrying squirrels know what
as this cold wind turns
and now as darkness approaches
i gird my soul for the oncoming cold
hoping this fire i’ve built will
sustain me


the earth is moving
and all that was, will be no
and all that i am is melting
like snow upon the mountainside-
changing to be reborn this
finds solace in the ever loving
divinity of peace and acceptance
as the wind rustles the leaves
and the rain cleans the summer
soaked concrete
and all that was once brown and
weathered will fall away
to be replaced by green again

book pages

book pages, old and smelling
of mildew and decay,
line this heart with
unknown conclusions…
once printed beyond the stars,
i linger now and await
what words might unfold
as the scenario of time plays-
and all that I once thought I knew
about character development
lies wasted at my feet;
i’ve lost the plot thread now
and there’s just no going back
to reread the pages
so hovering about, waiting for
the page to turn, for the plot to
reveal itself, this heart silently
stands by, with bated breath, for
the next chapter


hidden emotions inconveniently
emerge upon this heart’s sleeve
throbbing , beating, bleeding
dripping away in a red
fury until all that can be seen
is this spot of fever
almost ancient in disease
there’s no hiding the swell,
the absolute certainty
that overtakes all else,
until what remains is but a
vision, a version, of self
doused in emotion’s flame
set on devouring itself…
this public display, this shirtsleeve,
this pain that cannot be helped
it’s never ending, never quiet, never
lost … but lingers still sometimes
hidden , sometimes for the world
to see, red and raw and ready
to bleed