Tag: wisdom

infernal singing

i am lost to the winds of time-
thrown into a space that
lingers near me, but not
fully that which is mine and i long
to remain here, singing
this song of forgetfulness
as i remember your face…
give me a kiss and remind me that
i am still here
as i wait for the records to play
what dance am i to do with you
that we haven’t already done
i find so fulfilling your
eternal embrace of sound
and thought
as if i am still here dancing
as if you are still here with me…
and your longing that i can feel yet
across this time and space
captures my heart within my breast
as i feed your soul
with my infernal singing…

nature’s beauty

there’s a dead leaf
that hangs onto this summer
brown and wilted
it clings
in contrast to the red and pink
flowers growing near-
yet still, through this
transparent death
soft wind quietly blows…
and with rays of sunlight
it dances and glows
how wondrous a transition!
even in death, nature’s
beauty grows

love’s flow

hang me upside down
and see what secrets might fall
out of the pockets
of my soul-
filled now with memories still
and though I long to be free
from this fool’s gold that binds
me so
the wings that would let me fly
are pinned by the heaviness
that the past still holds…
bound now by illusions that weigh me
would that i could be the hanged man
and release to gravity that which
blocks love’s flow…
oh what i would give
just to lighten this load! and let my
heart soar into eternity…

a soulful tithe

this breathe of mine
that from these soft lips blows
towards you
is lined with a thousand I love you’s
whispered silently
into night…
and this aged head upon which
the white hair of wisdom flows
has grown old
waiting for your next finger’s
and how your body grows, like stars
lit up by adoring eyes-
this longing is but a sweet and
soulful tithe
to gardens flowers and love’s

violent and exquisite

alone, with just this downpour of
thought- and thunder! breaking the sky!
i am silent and hopeful, as i try to
remain untouched by the rain that falls
in sheets so heavily upon my mind…
and though the violence of this storm
is blinding, i am ready to cleanse the
heart of that which it has long denied!
deny today, i will not, yet find that which
is more useful to my heart, a cleansing touch
of acid rain to rid this chest of
all that was left behind…
these thoughts of you! may they drown
upon the puddles of my spirit
collected within my mind’s eye…
as the thunder clouds that grow within me
clear your essence from my memory
in a most violent and exquisite way

no reserve

Thoughts that from my heart
Drip slowly to the floor
Leave me standing in a puddle
Of tears and pondering

What is the leak that from my
Veins flow- this quiet of time,
That lingers now upon a dirty
Ground waiting for me?

And this smile fastened to my mouth
Would you see the false lips curve
Or kiss the frailty that collects now
At my feet?

Innocence has no reserve
For when this well runs dry,
what will remain to quench
This hurt?

silent memos

messages linger upon the dusty waves
of time, without structure or form-
and yet, contain such beauty of meaning
such that to pull one single silent memo
from the air would be to connect with divine…
these invisible notes left by our-selves
to be found when the time is right
and the mood is fine
oh to give my heart over to these wanderings of
what more could i do to open these
ears of mine to see the truth that lingers
just outside my view?

wisdom over passion

sparks between two traveling souls
is unmistakable; when they meet, they know
that perhaps they’ve met before
and yet, these souls, should they stoke
flames of passion, will invoke a fire that
cannot be put out…
and the residual loss of such an extended burn
leaves casualties that cannot be mistaken
and ash becomes the aftermath…
so while I might desire to burn bright, for just
a minor time, i have been down this road before
and wisdom will not allow me to walk it anymore