Tag: water


I am sinking into
The water of my soul;
Continuing to fall
Deeper and deeper
Until I meet myself-
That white light,
The spark that
Lights my spirit
And lets me break free
From the noise that
Surrounds my life…
Would that I could
Release breath
And live within the
Star filled sea of soul,
And be lost to my own
Changing tides,
And governed by
The moon that
Lingers above me


Nothingness hangs about
Dropping bits of uninspired
Thought from the sky,
Bitter gray doldrums linger
Preventing illumination
Keeping the heart from seeing
Into the divine; secrets that now
Linger just beyond heart’s view
Oh, sorry sorry day!
There’s nothing that can break
This underwhelming silence
That collects yet more gray rain
Waiting, wasting, withering away
Heart’s calls for help are stifled
By this vast nothingness

the moon

The moon in her darkness
Sits steadfastly silent,
Caressing ocean’s might;
While her gossamer fingers
Reach ever so slightly
Towards horizon’s steep edge…


Slow, deliberate dream sea; washes over
Life’s impurity.  Emotion’s fury!
Take hold and sink slow!  This line in between
The truth we see and the truth we know;
Well beneath the mind, the emotions flow.

Great tempest of honesty, whose waters–
Ushering the journey to the inside,
Are open wide; in this dream sea we stow.
A lit’ral bride to things already known,
But from which we hide from our own true mind.

What we see, a separate truth in dream;
Stronger still, our own desire to know
The truth that lies beneath our own disguise.
So in the dark of night, our self takes flight,
Sinking slow in dream waters we all go.

Emotions captive!  Lay back and low,
Float among those things we’re afraid to know.
Dream’s tale is long and deliberately slow,
So slowly go; And dream’s sweet truth’ll be shown.
Sea of dreams- through your dream sea we grow.