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Shame walked in, like a woman
Who’s face was carved as a hawk;
Sharp, staring,
with amused judgement,
In detached wonder,
Just staring, into the naked me
Struggling to unfold
What it is I see…
Blue and pink and gold,
Why are you so cold? My cheeks
Turning red from your heat…
Shame kisses my lips without permission
And left behind is my pride as I
Squirm under your umbrella
Drained by your vacant stare
And unresponsive finish
I’m healing from the blow

This thread

Energy spreads across
my field of vision
Like wildfire, like sparks popping,
Like stars in the night sky-
Music behind- melodies
Of days, sung upside down
And full of mystery,
A single thread to bind me-
Asleep, awake… turning turning
Until which is the right side up?
No more longing.
That which has passed remains yet
Woven into the tapestry of this energy
Forever singing
Forever mindful and present
I touch my past like a delicate flower
Loving care is the color of my thread


The veil between worlds is thinning
Spirit guides are appearing
Structures are being built on the other side
Chimes are ringing
Swimming with sharks, without being eaten
Pay attention to your dreams
It’s still you singing
Swimming in space
Between worlds, Eyes awake
Visions float before me
Feelings speak instead of words
My soul is heard
As my heart is speaking

For a lost man

He was felled by his demons
Now his eyes lay vacant
Vandalized, lost to the ravages
Of times passed
As weeds grow up his sallow face
And graffiti lines his drooping body
Oh light! Would that I ask you to
Return to such a sorry man
On the wings of hope
So that this poor lifeless creature
Lingering on the edges of the present,
Dwelling in the darkness of death,
Writhing within the fires of his own making,
Might find a home again within your
Warm embrace…
Pity his soul, as he slowly falls away
From understanding

Dust and ash

The sky is crumbling,
Swirling and falling…
Sun’s despair cuts darkness
Through light-
Raining bits of nothing like
Golden tears inside night;
This heart: lost to a melody
Whispered before this life,
Hidden away from the ravages of time,
Hidden away from sight….
And now, this sky is falling,
Crumbling raindrops
Upon this body of mine
Dust and ash, leave nothing


The ground shifts
Change nears
Fear grips the pain
Holding on so very tight
Mountains are opening now
Secrets spill onto the ground
Darkness covers and wallows
Oozing night…
What was solid has liquified
Forever altering
Upon which I stand
Until golden waves of hot change
Wash my slate clean

One amidst the many

Oh love! You linger upon my
Skin as sweet perfume
With each in breath i consume
And each out breath I relinquish
Such is the dance of love
Such is the music we compose
Upon the dark matter of the heavens
Such is the flow, bright, now dim
Like breath itself, upon this soul
I linger within, waiting for completion
So I may return again to your
Embrace, to your sweet flex
Of in and out, light, now dark,
And find repose as one, amidst the many