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The cavern in which my heart dwells
Is full of throbbing sadness
The reversed queen sits heavy upon
My shoulders as I try to forgive
And make right
And while the blood that’s spilled
Upon the walls of this cave remind
Me of things I still need to do
I try to let go with love
Each journey their own space
Mine, protected now by the source,
Circling magic; I remain heartfelt
And sad for what’s been lost


Darkness gives way to morning
As the cold ground receives
What little warmth may be headed
It’s way with the rising of the sun
And all that lives is quiet, perhaps buried
Beneath the frosty ground-
Strengthening and wizening,
And waiting for spring’s soft touch-
My heart is also in repose;
Opening and giving within the darkness
Of my deep and plentiful earth,
Waiting for a change in season
To open like soft petals upon the ground-
Growing up up up and dwelling now down
Beneath the beauty of life
Where the ancient songs are played
And where the deepest parts of me reside

Tapping the tree

I tap into the tree of life;
It’s sap covers my knowing
With a warm flow…
This elixir of sustenance
And sweet wisdom,
Finds my head and clears my sight-
Oh crown of divine knowledge!
Like a cascade of stars upon this brow
I worship your life’s blood, flowing now
Over and through this soul of mine-
Until as ash I fade upon your roots
And feed of my body to you

The coming of the winter solstice

Longest day approaches
And the pregnant sky prepares
For the birth of another sun-
Holy is the coming of light!
And the moon, full in her power,
Comforts the pain of new beginnings;
What is to come now that the darkness
Is pushed aside once again?
And what lingers in the shadows yet?
All is love as we find the new awakening
Of a new year
Heart and mind as one-
Between the inhale and the exhale;
The death and birth of change;
We grow inside this interface
And sing the ancient songs of praise.

ancient songs

Broken wind scatters the leaves,
Fallen now from their heavenly sky,
Laying atop a cold and wet ground-
As the squirrels nest where they once
And all that’s left to do is wait,
The coming of the bells is near-
The calling of the ancient songs
Now is ringing in my ears…
And though my heart, still young,
Longs to sing the sweet melody inside,
The patient longing of what’s to come
Is falling near my soul-wisened mind-
As leaves, colorful and true, decorate
The ground upon which they flew,
I am but a vessel, anchored within
Set to wait until the song birds
Release my heart once and again to sing

light soldiers

Duty calls and I listen
There nothing now, but boots on ground-
The sounds of marching soldiers;
Unison steps, set to the beat of an
Ancient drum
Deep within the heart of the world
Lies a light too bright to quell
And too warm to ever grow cold
Connected down into the grand design
Lies the cords of power
Urging feet to step into a war
That’s been raging inside for as long
As there’s been a world


the ancient songs are calling
and though I long to fly away within
their soft rhythm
my heart, heavy with sadness,
will deign not light
and would rather wallow
within the dusty corners of what’s past
without hope, without joy,
than linger under the shining truth
that awaits me on the other side
of this darkness
today, my heart sits within the shadow
to ponder the pain that plagues
it so… to find release in the embrace
of a dark and powerful woe