Tag: time

within my heart

i dug a hole…
the soil was so dark and wet
and i could smell the damp earth
as it clung to my fingers, my clothes
my knees…

perhaps someday, I might lie down
inside this muddy hole and let
the world drift by… though i hold no false
hope that i might find peace

should endings be that easy! i could
simply drift into the rain swept sky
releasing myself into the arms of
my own eternity!

alas, i remain here still, covered now
in this musty earth, listening to the slow
drip of time echo within the walls of this hole
that lingers so within my heart

notes of love

oh! these notes of love
written with invisible ink
travel through time and space
searching out the heart that might
have the eyes to read
what is etched upon my soul

fire of my eternity

the afternoon sun warms my foot as
my heel bobs up and down,
memory finds its way forward-
past moving through time
slow like sludge…. so begrudgingly…

small bits of a puzzle fit together
to form a larger picture of me…
and yet, I hate this digging
into history; would that I remain
stuck here in present frame
to suffer in darkness than to shed
light onto such lunacy and pain…

yet- to survive into an unknown
future the puzzle must complete
and when it does- i will burn it-
releasing all that was stored into
the ether… oh to shed the skin of
what was and be reborn!

so I sit with my own hot past
shaking, biting and scratching memories
out of the darkness and into the light
so I can fit them together
and let them go into the fire of my

slow drip of time

the restless ticking of an unrelenting clock
takes the quiet from my mind, as these
thoughts hover, thick as humidity,
upon my skin
with no distraction from the doldrums of
decency, i waited for you,
in the naked heat, so that you might liberate
my soul from the pain-if just for a short time-
but you never came
and I was left staring into the slow drip
of time…