Tag: sunlight

eclipse the day

daylight is brewing
and the sound of busy
birds fill my head with pretty
they have been singing
for hours now
as i’ve laid in bed-
alone with this anger,
my heart
and my head-
it’s raging through, lashing
and scratching
so appalling, alas though,
what else what can i do?
i’ve sat with this pain for so long now
i’m drowning in the darkness
of this horrid state…
trapped, i wait for the sunlight
to remind me that i’m awake
and okay…
how does one keep going-
when anger-so strongly- can eclipse
the day?


this burning ball of energy
in the sky hurts my eyes today-
too bright for my heart to
too hot for my hands…
my mind sweats at the mere thought
of this heat that would light
my dust filled corners
with cleansing fire and expose me…