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ties transcending

i can hear your voice
floating upon the folds
of time
whispering words of love-
as your fingers sweep my
cheek; your lips my neck…
and my heart reaches through
the space between
to find your willing body
pressed against mine
as separation fades into
forgotten space-
thoughts touching,
hearts beating,
skin alive with the touch
of fate…
our souls bound
by ties transcending

sweet sanity

it’s a dull ache that sets
this heart apart from
the longing that dogs it so-
and what is longing, but realizations
of lost things, from long ago…
oh, how does the soul travel
so alone, through time,
just to find this ache,
a cold wind, only meant to blow?
and no recovery of love
will ever replace the hole
that lingers now upon
the edges of heart’s
sweet sanity;
lost to time, and this beating thought,
and the distant pain,
that coldly flows…

altar of love

fleeting whispers of ancient songs
floating within the vastness
of night
what is starlight without darkness,
but a lost song within a lagging
and what of this heart? sagging
upon the altar of love, lingering,
awaiting sacrifice
as sure as stars are not seen
but within the cradle of moon’s
sweet glow
i too, am lost to the heavens, without
golden’s soft flow
oh, to still this wretched heart, and give
my soul the peace it
would die for
as i linger here, waiting no more,
for your love to be returned to me

crossing souls

dawn breaks and the moon slowly fades away…
and stars that once shined within my dark night
are blended now into the light of day…
though in my memory
i know your golden light yet remains-
fate’s sweet destiny of crossing souls
upon life’s journey into eternity


I am sinking into
The water of my soul;
Continuing to fall
Deeper and deeper
Until I meet myself-
That white light,
The spark that
Lights my spirit
And lets me break free
From the noise that
Surrounds my life…
Would that I could
Release breath
And live within the
Star filled sea of soul,
And be lost to my own
Changing tides,
And governed by
The moon that
Lingers above me

a higher road

lost to words trapped inside a flowing mind
there’s no where to go with these feelings
but through
and though the length of time to surpass
this pain is mighty
how can the a flower flourish without sun
or rain?
oh, the road is merciless, and the time
dear, and ideas that linger on the edges
of unmoving lips
are as pregnant as silence…
this journey, though walked slow,
is but a trip towards stars
that are yet unknown
so feet move, one by one, towards
a destiny sought by a higher road

this void

this broken receiver
dangling upon the edges of my heart
delivers a cold silence
to my longing soul-
connection’s gone dead
leaving only emptiness…
and though awakened my eyes
might see, they are blinded
by the nothing that lingers
upon this quiet line of
oh how i wish for electricity
to awaken my heart
with a bolt of divine energy
for the nothing that dwells now
within my own darkness
is a void that imprisons all passion
and desire

starlight dimming

expressionless longing
trapped within this molded heart
lies silently gazing across the stars
at what might have been
had you stayed…
had i remained….
and yet the blue night in which
this shining might brighten day
is but a mirage of time
for we are already dimming

thousands of years old-my love-
will still stay true…
even when i’m no longer me
and you cease to be you