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face of memory

secret longing hangs swollen
and pregnant upon
the breast of memory-
heavy with the weight
of defeat, heart’s silent
screams fall upon closed
ears, lost to the timeless
ticking of clock hands that
know not of fear
death cannot take the remembrances
of taste and touch etched now
within these walls of love-
there is no space that can hold
the array of tears that fall as
gilded rain upon this lost soul,
waiting for completion…
but one kiss is all it would take
to be renewed;
remember me as the rain falls
upon your doorway,
as this heart pines away for
your unknown face of memory

a ghost

I am so scared to show you
who I am-
I use smoke and mirrors
To keep you from seeing…
Believing that if you knew
what I really looked like
you might not really like what you see

So I hide from you, and I hide from me..
And these things in which I
run into,
Like distractions for my mind,
I dwell upon them to keep myself
otherwise occupied

The shame of it all
is that when you hold me close
I cannot feel your arms-
Because you’re holding a ghost…
I long for you to find what’s hidden underneath
but when I cannot even find myself
what’s there to love of me?

dusk of eternity

these words that from my heart
long to drip into oblivion
are too dark to be remembered
and yet too full of love to let go

so i hover just on the edge of what
lies between heaven and hell
so that i might indulge in the beauty
of that love
and the pain of dark’s sweet blow

do no look for me, seated in-between,
the dusk of eternity,
for I will be waiting softly for love’s embrace
and the faith i find in the darkness i face